Atomic Heart Tour Guide Students – Where to Find Them

This is where you can find the missing students

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The Tour Guide side quest is an unmarked quest in Atomic Heart. It immediately starts after conversing with the Dead Tour Guide. She is dismayed not knowing the fate of the students she was responsible for. If the player chooses, they can go out of their way and ease the passing of the tour guide.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find the missing students within the exhibit halls. There are no quest markers for this one, so you’ll have to rely on your eyes (and your scanner) to look for them. At the very least, you can look around for them while you are looking for Clair’s body parts.

One thing to note about the missing students: to count as progression, you need to talk to each and every single one of them and then talk to the tour guide. It's a small detail but if you don't want to search every single room again, you might as well do it right the first time.

Atomic Heart Tour Guide Student Locations

There are four students in total. There is one Vavilov, Pavlov, and such. In short, there is a student in every room a part can be found.

First Student Location

The first student can be on the second floor of the botanical garden exhibit. He was hiding in a corner when the robots found him. He even expected us to save in exchange for a reward from his father. Too bad, his son is dead now.

Second Studen Location

The second student can be found at the top of the facility. Right next to the power relay, to be exact. He was trying to solve the wall puzzle, but he couldn’t solve it, so the robots got him. But it’s not like it’s any better on the surface where more robots would have been waiting for him.

Third Student Location

The second student is at the Sakhalin Exhibit. The body is right next to the mutant growths near the doorway. Apparently, she planned on ending herself after she and her boyfriend broke up but realized it was silly ending things over a breakup. It was a moot point though the robots beat her to it.

Fourth Student Location

The fourth student’s corpse is located in the medical wing. Inside one of the exhibits. She was analyzing her cause of death when we came across her body. She’s too far gone to make any sort of sense of her surroundings.

Atomic Heart Tour Guide Quest Reward

When you have found all four students, report back to the tour guide to her the news. It won’t be good news but at least she knows now the fates of the students under her charge. Now let’s talk about your rewards.

If asked about if she knows any codes that could lead to a secret cache, she apologizes about not knowing any secrets on account of her being a mere tour guide. If anything, the quest puts you one step closer to getting the “Talking to Every Dead” trophy. It’s not much but it’s something.

And that’s all there is to the Tour Guide’s Last Tour. Don’t worry agents, it was the thought that counts. And the trophy, definitely the trophy.

Check out this video from Youtuber Manugames92 where they show us the locations of the dead students.

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