Atomic Heart Trapped Man – Can You Save Him?

It doesn't look good for the trapped man in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Trapped Man Featured Image

During your playthrough of Atomic Heart, you will encounter many lost souls who have lost their lives at the hands of robots and humans alike. But not many of those are as tragic as the man who is trapped somewhere in the area around the algae lab.

Atomic Heart Trapped Man Options

The trapped man is an optional conversation that takes place in the area around the algae lab. From what we can tell, the poor man was crushed when a storage shelf toppled over, most likely due to the excavation robots.

At first, he was relieved that help was coming. But he soon realized after conversing with the Major that even if the weights were removed, he was already dead.

Atomic Heart Trapped Man Options

At this point, you have a couple of choices before you. You can either end his misery or leave him to his fate.

Here’s the rub though. No matter which option you choose, it won’t make a difference. If you choose to walk away, that’s that. End of story. If you chose to finish him off, nothing’s going to happen. The body’s already gone and you’re just talking to an echo of a dead person.

The only way he’s going to really “die” now is if enough time has passed and the memory of the person fades away from the network. It’s a cruel fate, for sure.

And there you have it, the fate of the trapped man in Atomic Heart. There are lots of stories like his in the facility if you take the time to explore the place and talk to the others. But we’ll leave that there, for now.

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