Atomic Heart Introduces Two Major Patches Filled with Changes and Bug Fixes

The combined size is like reinstalling the whole game.

Mundfish recently released two major patches to the video game Atomic Heart.

The two major patches were update 1.04 and update 1.05 and were released swiftly after the game got lower review scores. This was due to its launch where the game seemed to be not visually polished yet and had some bugs as well. It also did not have ray tracing support on PC on day one even though this was featured in various Nvidia RTX showcases. This resulted in poor reviews even though the game showed some promise.

Mundfish is now focusing more on the technical problems that have been present in the game. Update 1.04 was released earlier on day one to quickly make fixes. Update 1.05 got released subsequently on February 22, 2023 to fix more problems and has now swelled the game’s file size.

According to the changelogs, the two patches tackle stability issues and glitches. It also fixes frame rate drops and other performance problems. The latter patch improves the localization and addresses bugs with missing audio.

According to players, the combined size of the patches is different by platform with some Xbox players have reported that the day one update is like reinstalling the whole game as it is over 67 GB. The 1.05 update is between 15 GB and 18.7 GB in size. While it is known already that a highly requested feature is already in development, it seems the PC bug that makes it impossible to complete the game’s intro is still not fixed with these two big patches.

Still, Mundfish is working hard to make changes to the game as quickly as possible to finally turn things around before the review scores get worse.

Atomic Heart is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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