Babylon’s Fall to Offer “Subscription-Based” Battle Passes

PlatinumGames also offers discounts based on gameplay!

New details about the upcoming action RPG Babylon’s Fall reveal its offers for live service including a different type of battle pass.

Director Takahisa Sugiyama recently spoke with media outlet Siliconera about their plans for Babylon’s Fall in the long run and what is in store for its live service features. He revealed their own type of battle pass that could offer tons of new content for players to enjoy and keep them hooked to the game.

While Babylon’s Fall will have free content updates, since it is a live service game there will be paid content as well that will offer premium cosmetics and more. Sugiyama revealed there will be an offer called subscription-based battle passes. By playing the game with this purchased, players will be able to obtain various cosmetic-focused rewards.

Sugiyama did share some good news for everyone. Since the game will be purchased at full price, PlatinumGames plans to provide the Premium Battle Pass for free for Season 1. Even more good news, there will be big discounts based on gameplay for the next season’s battle passes. Players who have good record on gameplay will be able to purchase the next season battle pass at a maximum discount of half price.

Players can purchase different kinds of cosmetic items in the shop if they want to, but that will be it only. Sugiyama clarified there will be no elements that are critical to get through the game that are purchasable. The main focus of the game is gameplay and that is how they become stronger.

Babylon’s Fall launches on March 3, 2022 for PC, PS4, and PS5.