Battlefield 2042 Santa Skin Discovered Just in Time for the Holiday Seasons

Santa just got real and now has an Assault Rifle.

Battlefield 2042 Santa skin was recently discovered as one of the latest rewards for the Weekly Missions.

The massive patch 0.3.0. is now live and it comes with tons of inclusions, fixes, new features, and more. One of the new features added was the Weekly Missions, which rewarded players with a unique cosmetic if the weekly set is completed.

One of the early unlocks is a unique cosmetic and some players have already seen it. When they viewed it, they were surprised that it was a Santa Claus/ Father Winter skin for Specialist Boris. This totally turned him into a Santa Claus with an Assault Rifle on hand. He can be unlocked by completing the week three missions.

In week two, players will be able to unlock the Big Nic skin for the M1A5 tank, which has a Christmas look to it with the red and white camouflage and reindeer design on the tread covers.

Some players are already complaining that this Battlefield game has turned into something similar to Fortnite with the weird themes. Others do not mind the extra content, while a few favor the wild changes.

Here are the unique skin sets courtesy of ResetEra member Saucycarpdog:

Battlefield 2042 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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