Bayonetta 3 Jeanne: How to Unlock

In Bayonetta 3 you’ll be able to play as Jeanne but only in the Side Chapters where the game transforms into a stealth side scroller. However you are able to unlock Jeanne to play as in the main chapters if you’re able to meet certain requirements. This guide will teach you how you can unlock Jeanne in Bayonetta 3.

How to Unlock Jeanne in Bayonetta 3?

To unlock Jeanne, you need to clear the main story of Bayonetta 3 on any difficulty. You can then select Jeanne as the playable character in the Main Menu and go through the entire story as her.

It’s worth nothing that playing as Jeanne has always been a feature in the previous Bayonetta games. However playing as Jeanne in Bayonetta 3 is different from the other two characters so despite being similar to the titular Umbra witch, she feels very unique to play as. It will take some time to get used to her moveset.

Character Select Bayonetta 3 How to Unlock Jeanne

How to play as Jeanne in Bayonetta 3?

You are able to initially play as Jeanne in Bayonetta 3 before beating the game but only through the Side Chapters where she is looking for Dr. Sigmund. On this missions, the game transforms from the typical hack-and-slash Bayonetta we all know to a stealth side scroller. It’s a requirement to finish these chapters if you’re looking to complete the game.

Unfortunately, unlike Bayonetta herself Jeanne doesn’t come with any extra outfits to unlock. Her standard white fur coat and pink outfit are all she has to her. Which can seem disappointing considering how fashion conscious this feminine icon can be.

Side Chapter Jeanne

That’s how to unlock Jeanne in Bayonetta 3. We hope this article was informative for you. If you’re looking for more Bayonetta 3 content, you’re already in the right place.

Take a look at this Youtube video from LB Gaming showing Jeanne gameplay in Bayonetta 3.