Bayonetta 3 Weapons and Abilities

An Umbra Witch's best friends. A list of all weapons in Bayonetta 3.

Even with her powers as an Umbra witch, Bayonetta still needs some firepower in her arsenal. In Bayonetta 3 weapons of all sorts can be acquired that go far beyond the conventional means of fighting, but considering this franchise that should go without saying. If you’re curious about the new toys you get to play with in this game, we’ve created a list for the weapons in Bayonetta 3 including how to unlock them.

Colour My World Bayonetta 3 Weapons

Colour My World

  • How to Unlock: Complete the Prologue.
  • Infernal Demon: Madama Butterfly

Colour My World is a set of four powerful handguns and the first of Bayonetta 3 weapons, the titular character’s new best friends. Replacing Love Is Blue and Scarborough Fair from the previous game, Colour My World functions a little differently from their predecessors. Other than just having a purple color palette, the quadruple handguns are no longer used in tandem with other weapons in separate slots instead being treated as their own complete set. However, they also do ricochet around like Scarborough Fair did.

When equipped, Colour My World has Bayonetta performing like a dancer in combat. This is because the Infernal Demon, Madame Butterfly, is bound to the weapon set.

Colour My World weapon abilities

  • Bullet Climax: Shares the same mechanics as Love Is Blue. Colour My World has Bayonetta rooted to the ground firing bullets on the spot which automatically target the enemies around her.
  • Charge Bullet: By holding down the gun fire button, Colour My World will charge up the next shot which will create a purple explosion upon impact.
  • Charge Modifier: Colour My World can extend Bayonetta’s attacks similar to Love Is Blue and Scarborough Fair. By holding either heavy or light attacks after combos, Bayonetta will continue to shoot bullets at a nearby enemy.
  • Demon Masquerade: When Colour My World is equipped, Bayonetta is aligned with Madama Butterfly who is the demon bound to this weapon set. The form is automatically assumed upon doing combo finishers and when summoning Madama Butterfly’s hands and feet to damage enemies.
G-Pillar Bayonetta 3 Weapons


  • How to Unlock: Given to Bayonetta by Rodin after summoning the Gates of Hell in a story mission upon finishing Chapter 2.
  • Infernal Demon: Gomorrah

G-Pillar is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that is absolutely massive in size. It doubles as a dual club and a high-caliber rifle. Each swing can multiple enemies at the same time and its focused fire can hit enemies long range.

This weapon is said to be made out of Gamorrah’s biological demon’s tissue. And with it equipped, Bayonetta can perform medium ranged swipes that are coated with purple energy.

G-Pillar weapon abilities

  • Charge Modifier: Will charge up the cannon fire on the other end of G-Pillar which increases the damage and radius of the resulting explosion.
  • Demon Masquerade: When G-Pillar is equipped, Bayonetta fuses with Gomorrah. She’ll have sharp claws and dark scaly armor.
  • Twin Scorcher: Will fire the G-Pillar in an arc and deal massive damage within it’s range.
  • Super Demonium Ray: This laser beam ability takes a while to charge and can only be fired in one direction, but it deals significantly more damage every shot.
Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo Bayonetta 3 Weapons

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo

  • How to Unlock: Finish Chapter 3.
  • Infernal Demon: Phantasmaranae

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that deals medium-to-long ranged attacks. Each impact of the spinning yo-yos deals multiple hits at once. They can even be tethered to whips to extend their attack range for long distance targets. When fired, this weapon shoots out webs against enemies.

When equipping the Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo, Bayonetta roller skates around the combat zone similar to what Odette and Salamandra could do in the previous games. The blades on her shoes are being used around like a pair of roller skates.

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo weapon abilities

  • Demon Masquerade: With Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo equipped, Bayonetta fuses with Phantasmaranea and becomes a large demonic spider with a humanoid form above. She can deal multiple hits with her sharp legs in this form and use the magma like tail to sting enemies. Bayonetta is even able to swing around in the air via webbings.
  • Flying Saucer: This ability allows you to transform your spider companion into a spinner that turns around in a wide arc of attack.
  • Heaven Or Hell: This ability can make your spider companion self-destruct in a tremendous explosion, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. The spider will respawn shortly after.
Simoun Bayonetta 3 Weapons


  • How to Unlock: Finish Chapter 9.
  • Infernal Demon: Malphas

Simoon is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that hit incredibly fast. This weapons set has a fan like appearance which appropriately allow it to use the wind to its favor. Simoon will fire blades of wind at range and deliver quick bursts of slices up close.

Compared to other weapons, Simoon doesn’t have as much range in melee. The weapon set is better used for short-to-mid ranged attacks which are incredibly fast. When channeling the inner demon, Malphas, Bayonetta can transform into a being that flies around and summons powerful demonic wind to tear foes apart.

Simoon weapon abilities

  • Demon Masquerade: When Simoon is equipped, Bayonetta can fuse with Malphas turning into a large bird like creature. In this form, Bayonetta can fly around the field without touching the ground, blow enemies away with her powerful wings, and slice them to pieces with the talons on her feet.
  • Khanjar: Khanjar is a charge forward with an aerial slash that returns you to position after a rapid swing, making it a fast and lethal strike for closing the gap between you and an opponent.
  • Tempest: With this ability, Malphas can create a tornado as soon as it’s activated. It will pick up enemies and nearby objects, spinning them until they’re tossed away. This ability is most effective for crowd control.
Dead End Express Bayonetta 3 Weapons

Dead End Express

  • How to Unlock: Finish Chapter 6.
  • Infernal Demon: Wartrain Gouon

Dead End Express is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that has an incredibly large radius for damage. Each swing of this train chainsaw-esque weapon has enemies all around you being sliced to pieces. Bayonetta can even ride this weapon to charge at opponents on her own behest.

With Dead End Express equipped, Bayonetta can really lay some carnage everywhere around her. It leaves colored flames for each swing and has a large radius of attacking making it good for punishing mobs. The only real downside is that Dead End Express doesn’t really have any ranged options.

Dead End Express weapon abilities

  • Charge Modifier: Dead End Express can charge up, turning red hot before swinging in a large arc hitting enemies around Bayonetta.
  • Demon Masquerade: With Dead End Express equipped, Bayonetta can fuse with Wartrain Gouon to become a smaller version of the infernal demon. In this form, she can run down enemies over while leaving a trail of purple fire behind her.
Ribbit Libido-BZ55 Bayonetta 3 Weapons

Ribbit Libido-BZ55

  • How to Get: Finish Chapter 9.
  • Infernal Demon: Baal

Ribbit Libido-BZ55 is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that is basically a microphone stand that has wide swings as if it were a spear. An appropriate weapon that mirrors Bayonetta’s diva-esque personality, Ribbit Libido-BZ55 can channel music to hit enemies from a distance once Bayonetta fuses with Baal.

When used as a weapon in its own right, the Ribbit Libido-BZ55 is used more like a spear or a polearm. Bayonetta can swing it vertically or horizontally for better angles and she can thrust it into enemies in front of her. If they’re too far our of her reach, she can use the microphone to fire a ball of vocal projectiles at enemies.

Ribbit Libido-BZ55 weapon abilities

  • A Capella: Using her voice, this ability unleashes a sonic blast in front of her, which has a large area of effect.
  • Brisés Volé: When merged with Baal, this ability will have Bayonetta perform a backflip and a series of kicking motions (like ballet) while spewing poison.
  • Demon Masquerade: When Ribbit Libido-BZ55 is equipped, Bayonetta can fuse with Baal which turns her into a humanoid aquatic creature with toad like qualities. In this form, Bayonetta can use her long tongue like a whip against enemies and can even use her own voice to damage enemies around.
  • Masquerade Rage: Bayonetta can create a miniature concert when fused with Baal. Enemies hit by the soundwaves take continuous damage due to the pyrotechnics.
Cruel Altea Bayonetta 3 Weapons

Cruel Altea

  • How to Unlock: Finish Bayonetta 3’s main story.
  • Infernal Demon: Labolas

Cruel Altea is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that have multiple range of attacks. With it equipped, Bayonetta can throw her punches at range and even burn enemies down with blue flames from this weapon set. With Cruel Altea, Bayonetta is basically like a kickboxer who dominate her enemies with a flurry of remote punches and kicks.

Cruel Altea weapon abilities

  • Demon Masquerade: With Cruel Altea equipped, Bayonetta can fuse with Labolas which turns her into a crystal-like beast creature with a humanoid top. In this form, Bayonetta can fight enemies using shards of ice that tear them apart and pummel them.
  • Quad Gatling: This ability allows one to perform multiple punches. Achieve a combo by continuously mashing the X button.
  • Maneuver Crescent: Bayonetta can fuse with Labolas and this ability can divide into a long horizontal line and unleash a barrage of icy projectiles. The ability’s activation time is typically short, so you should move quickly. Achieve a combo by continuously mashing the Y button.
Abracadabra Bayonetta 3 Weapons


  • How to Get: Finish Chapter 12.
  • Infernal Demon: Mictlantecuhtli

Abracadabra is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that uses magic tricks to fight opponents. Taking on the appearance of a wand named Cadabra and a hat named Abra, Bayonetta can use this weapon set to summon anything from birds to explosives to combat enemies. When fighting enemies at a distance, Bayonetta can call forth an army of electric bats to her target.

When used as a weapon, Abracadabra can be better at range. Most of its attacks require some distance so it isn’t ideal when fighting opponents up close.

Abracadabra weapon abilities

  • Demon Masquerade: When Abracadabra is equipped, Bayonetta can channel the power of Mictlantecuhtli to turn herself into a bat like figure with its top and bottom half separated. The form similar to one of the vampiric archetypes in Philippine folklore. In this form, Bayonetta can fly around and lunge at enemies with the top half first before the bottom half follows.
  • Shuffle: This ability allows Bayonetta to transform into a swarm of bats. The freedom of mobility in this form allows her to freely travel the battlefield to catch enemies.
  • Storm Stinger: Bayonetta can harness the demon’s power and focus it into a laser beam that deals massive damage. This ability will take a few seconds to recharge, so find a good spot and safely execute it at a distance.
Tartarus Bayonetta 3 Weapons


  • How to Unlock: Finish Chapter 11.
  • Infernal Demon: Umbran Clock Tower

Tartarus is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that has quite a few features in its arsenal. It can spew out offensive machinery such as Gatling guns underneath and can be used like spiked gauntlets against enemies. Tartarus uses the spirits of the fallen Umbra to give its users powers to combat their foes.

Tartarus weapon abilities

  • Chain Of Megaera: When merged with the Umbran Clock Tower, Bayonetta spins a spiked ball as she soars skyward, bringing anyone in its path with her as she attacks.
  • Demon Masquerade: With Tartarus equipped, Bayonetta can fuse with the power of the Umbran Clock Tower to transform into a marionette on strings. In this form, Bayonetta has a giant claw on her right hand that she uses to rip apart her enemies.
  • Emperor’s Dread: When merged with the Umbran Clock Tower, Bayonetta will stomp on the ground, sending forth a shockwave. When you let off of the tower’s cap, it will begin continuously trampling on nearby enemies.
Handguns Bayonetta 3 Weapons


  • How to Get: Unlocked as Bayonetta’s default weapons from the prologue.
  • Infernal Demon: None

The typical handgun without any special qualities in the Bayonetta 3 weapons arsenal list. It’s designed to be used by normal humans so it isn’t as effective in fighting forces beyond human comprehension. It seems to be designed after the standard Colt 1911 pistol.

There isn’t anything special about these weapons. They’re an inferior version of Colour My World. So players most likely won’t be using them after trading up.

Mab Dachi Bayonetta 3 Weapons

Mab Dachi

  • How to Unlock: Unlocked by default as Viola’s primary weapon.
  • Infernal Demon: Cheshire

Mab Dachi is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that is a No Dachi sword being infested by a mischievous cat demon. This weapon is wielded by Viola who is one of the playable characters in the game instead of Bayonetta herself. The Mab Dachi is said to be able to cut through anything when wielded by a skilled swordsman.

This weapon can only be wielded by Viola throughout the events of Bayonetta 3. It is her only way to access her version of Witch Time which requires her to parry and last minute dodge enemy attacks. Viola can throw it at enemies and it comes back as if it were a boomerang.

Mab Dachi weapon abilities

  • Charge Modifier: Viola can charge up Mab Dachi which will infuse attacks with flames to deal damage in a large area.
  • Demon Slave: Viola cannot use Demon Masquerade but she can summon Cheshire to fight enemies. During this period, Viola will not have Mab Dachi but can still fight bare handed against opponents.
Bull Kiss Bayonetta 3 Weapons

Bull Kiss

  • How to Unlock: Unlocked by default as Viola’s weapon.
  • Infernal Demon: None

Bull Kiss is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that are not wielded by the titular character. Instead the Bull Kiss is unique to Viola who uses them as her ranged attacks when dealing with enemies from afar. While they may look like ordinary darts, they’re actually infused with ether which turns them into highly damaging magic missiles.

All 4 One Bayonetta 3 Weapons

All 4 One

  • How to Unlock: Unlocked with Jeanne.
  • Infernal Demon: Madame Styx

All 4 One is one of the Bayonetta 3 weapons that is not used by Bayonetta herself. Instead this weapon set is unique to Jeanne who is one of the playable characters in the game. All 4 One doesn’t just function as powerful handguns but they’re also devastating melee weapons that Jeanne can use to put down any who get in her way.

That’s all of the Bayonetta 3 weapons listed. We hope this article was informative. For more Bayonetta 3 content, you’re already in the right place.

If you’re still curious about the Bayonetta 3 weapons, then this Youtube video from MELOO should show you how they each work.