Bayonetta 3 Walkthrough Chapter 13: Kingdom of One

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Kingdom of One is the thirteenth chapter in Bayonetta 3 where Bayonetta finally meets Dr. Sigurd. Now that they have all Chaos Gears, Dr. Sigurd can now create a portal straight to the Alphaverse. However, things may not be working as they seem.

In this guide, we will go through Chapter 13: Kingdom of One, listing along any collectibles as well as Bewitchments that can be acquired in the chapter.

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Chapter 13 – Kingdom of One Objectives and Collectibles

  • Ginnungagap, the Chaotic Rift
    • Bewitchment #1
    • Bewitchment #2
  • Verse #1 / Broken Moon Pearl #1
    • Umbran Tears of Blood – Cat
    • Umbran Tears of Blood – Toad
    • Umbran Tears of Blood – Crow
  • Alphaverse
  • Verse#2
    • Bewitchment #3
    • Bewitchment #4
  • Verse #3
    • Bewitchment #5

Ginnungagap, the Chaotic Rift

After going through a long cutscene with Bayonetta, Jeanne, and Dr. Sigurd finally meeting up, Bayonetta manages to get back on to the Chaotic Rift once more. Most of the chapter will happen within the rift itself and there are a couple of collectibles to be found in it.

Bewitchment #1

Grab enough lotus flowers while in the rift to get the Collect 25 lotuses in Ginnungagap Bewitchment.

Bewitchment #2

Defeat at least one enemy while in the rift to get the Defeat an enemy while moving through collapsing Ginnungagap Bewitchment. Enemies inside verse fights within the rift do not count.

Verse #1 / Broken Moon Pearl #1

Right as you arrive in the rift, turn around to find the portal on a floating island. In this challenge, you will have to fight in an open area where there’s no place to land. You won’t also be able to use your Witch Time, and you have a very limited time to clear out the enemies. Use your torture attacks on the minor enemies; once they get staggered and fall, they fall into the void, counting as an elimination.

You’ll be fighting another jellyfish enemy, so only use your Wink Slave attack for your summons to prevent it from splitting. You’ll be rewarded with a Broken Moon Pearl after completing the challenge.

Umbran Tears of Blood – Cat

As you head out from the verse, the islands will start crumbling. Head over to the next big island; this island won’t fall down so you can check around for a bit. Look to the smaller islands on the left to find the cat.

Umbran Tears of Blood – Toad

On the same island, go to the large stalagmite on the right and you’ll find the toad.

Umbran Tears of Blood – Crow

On to the next island that spirals to the top, climb the highest point where the crow is perched on.


After reaching the end of the rift, you’ll arrive in the Alphaverse. You will then be fighting against a homunculus fortress called Aureole.


Being a huge fortress, you’ll be immediately fighting it using Madama Butterfly, but with controls that work similarly as how you would control Bayonetta.

The first part of the fight is against the eye stalk. It’s also surrounded by tentacles that it can use to attack you. You can only damage to the eye stalk once its eye lids are open.

Bewitchment #3

You can still go into Witch Time as Madama Butterfly. Do at least 5 Witch Times to get the Activate Perfect Witch Time 5 times while riding Madama Butterfly Bewitchment.

Bewitchment #4

Flutter Kiss is Madama Butterfly’s attack that is not listed on the controls on the side, but to do one, you just need to press the R button. This attack takes a while to complete, so try doing this right after evading an attack or while within Witch Time. Doing so will get you the Hit Aureole with Madama Butterfly’s Flutter Kiss Bewitchment.

The second phase of the fight is with three Cumulonimbus. Clear them out to complete the verse.

Verse #3

In this fight, you’ll be fighting against Luka in his Strider form. Just like before, he’s quick and agile so making good use of Witch Time is important. He has three bars of health, and once it’s all out, the fight transitions to a fight against Dark Adam, the shadow version of Strider. They have similar attacks, but he has one special attack that has a very wide range.

Bewitchment #5

When Dark Adam is doing his special attack, evade all of his strikes by going on Witch Time and moving out of the attack range to get the Avoid getting hit by Dark Adam’s enlargement attack Bewitchment.

After the fight, another cutscene will play and the chapter ends.

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