Bayonetta 3 Walkthrough Side Mission 4: The Doctor is Out

Bayonetta 3 Side Mission 4 The Doctor is Out cover

The Doctor is Out is the fourth side mission in Bayonetta 3 where Jeanne finally meets Dr. Sigurd. Now, all that is left to do is to get him out of the facility safely, but the homunculi won’t make it easy.

In this guide, we will go through Side Mission 4: The Doctor is Out, listing along any collectibles as well as Bewitchments that can be acquired in the chapter.

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Side mission basics

This side mission, though still a side-scroller, will be different than the rest as Jeanne and Dr. Sigurd will be in a sidecar tandem while being chased by the homunculi. There will be obstacles along the way which will be shown in advanced by a red marker along the lane it is in. There will also be ramps which will be shown as blue markers.

Enemies will be spawning in along the chase and they can be eliminated using Jeanne’s primary weapon, weapon pickups, or grenades. Near the end of the level, you’ll be fighting against a Virga boss.

Side Mission 4 The Doctor is Out Bewitchments

There are five bewitchments to obtain in this side mission:

  • Finish the chapter without hitting any obstacles – Pay attention to the red markers that will appear on the lanes. These markers do run long enough for you to react to, but it can get quite hectic with the enemies around.
  • Successfully perform a wheelie jump – Pay attention to the blue markers for the ramp, and as soon as you approach a ramp, press the wheelie button.
  • Defeat 10 motorcycle-riding Stratuses by slamming them into barriers – Simply bump the side of a motorcycle-riding enemy towards the edge of the lane.
  • Find and defeat Acceptance – Around 356 seconds, a golden glow will appear on the top lane. Run through it to summon Acceptance on the same lane. Shoot it until it dies.
  • Defeat 20 Homunculi while transformed into Cutie J – Around 330 seconds, a homunculus with a rainbow motorcycle will appear on the top lane. Defeat it to make it drop the potion that transforms Jeanne in to Cutie J. You have around 20 seconds to defeat 20 homunculi; more enemies will start spawning in the screen at this point.


All collectibles in this level will appear across the stretch of the road. Listed below are the times and lanes where they will appear.

  • Burger – 390 seconds; middle lane, take the ramp.
  • Soda – 381 seconds; top lane, take the ramp.
  • Fries – 324 seconds; top lane, right after getting the Cutie J potion, make it to the top ramp.

Figure Box

Around 287 seconds, the figure box will appear on the bottom lane.

Boss Fight

The boss has four bars of health and will be moving all around the track. Its moves are:

  • Fire breath – It can do this in front or from behind. Move through lanes to avoid it.
  • Spears – It shoots out spears from above, the ground where they will land will show a blue circle.
  • Wave Slash – It will run along the track, jump and release waves across the lanes; move to the bottom lane to get some chance to move towards the gap between the waves.
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