Best Deadeye RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Perform well on both PvP and PvE with the best Exoprimal Deadeye build.

The Deadeye Exosuit in Exoprimal is a general-purpose Assault unit that can engage with enemies at multiple distances. Its primary weapon is an assault rifle that doesn’t lose its effectiveness at longer ranges due to its relatively low recoil. But this has resulted in the weapon having less stopping power compared to other Assault Exosuits. At close range, the pilot can rely on the suit’s powerful palm strike to keep enemies at a distance.

In this article, we will talk about your options to help you customize your Exosuit so that it can perform at its best, no matter what your suit and pilot rank are at the moment. Keep in mind that there are no wrong ways to build out your Exosuit, it’s just that some modules are far superior to others.

How to Customize Deadeye in Exoprimal

All the Exosuits in Exoprimal can be customized in a variety of ways through cosmetic items, and more importantly, gameplaying altering Rigs and Modules. Many of these changes can be unlocked through progression but some upgrades will require the player to invest time and energy on specific suits.

Deadeye is an Assault class Exosuit meaning that anything that will improve your combat efficiency should be seen as a top priority. Or at least until you reach max level and you have the freedom to mix and match in accordance to your own playstyle.

Best Deadeye Rigs

Best Deadeye Rigs - Exoprimal Build Guide

Rigs are optional pieces of equipment that are meant to give Exos a leg up in certain situations. Some rigs work better on certain Exos than others but that doesn’t mean they are a must-pick for any particular class.


This rig equips a powerful, should-mounter laser on Deadeye. Its main purpose is to provide a bump in your crowd control capabilities. Just be mindful of the charge-up time. While the Cannon is useful in most situations but it doesn’t deliver the kind of punch necessary to quickly defeat bosses. Enemy pilots can also deal a large amount of damage to you in the time it takes to charge up a shot.

Cannon makes up for a lack of consistent crowd control that a new Deadeye Exosuit does not inherently possess. And depending on how you build your Deadeye, it may become a staple in your arsenal.


Once you’ve gained enough experience and points, you can then choose to go the route of Blade. This Rig allows your Exo to throw an electromagnetic shuriken that paralyzes multiple enemies on contact.

This Rig allows Deadeye to tie down some of the beefier dinos that you’ll encounter further in later missions. Throwing a shuriken at them will temporarily slow them down long enough for you to all Gundam Heavyarms and release a torrent of bullets in the poor dinos’ direction.

Best Deadeye Modules

Best Deadeye Modules - Exoprimal Build Guide

Modules take up the bulk of your gameplay customization efforts in the game. Each of the three slots can be equipped with an upgrade that increases suit performance. They are sorted into different categories but they are split into two separate types.

  • General Modules: Modules that are unlocked through pilot experience.
  • Suit Modules: Modules specific to the Exosuit. Requires suit experience to level up.

Module 1 – Recharger

For Deadeye, the rifle grenade is his only source of AoE damage. When he doesn’t have it on hand, it feels like Deadeye is a glorified rifleman shooting BB rounds at a wall of dinos. But because you are constantly hitting dinos with it, you can get your grenade back in no time flat. This is definitely one you want to get to level 5 as quickly as possible.

Module 2 – Piercing Thrust

Deadeye isn’t the kind of Exo suit that charges in and tanks damage. Quite the opposite. He is relatively squishy. This is why his kit includes a combat roll. But during times when he needs to create some space, his Thrust Attack can do just that in a pinch. A well-timed punch can send dinosaurs and enemy Exos flying into the air. The upgraded version hits like a truck and increases knockback distance. But it all depends if you can land the punch in the first place.

Module 3 – Dive Dodge+

Staying with the theme of creating space, Dive Dodge+ adds more utility to the move that Deadeye uses second only to the rifle grenade. Not only does this upgrade separate you further away from your would-be attackers, but it also temporarily increases your defense and flinch resistance so that you can start firing the moment you’re back on your feet.

Best Deadeye General Module Options

This next set of modules is more of a suggestion. They can go into any of the three available slots and should be seen as ways to enhance your style of play. Do note that they will more or less take the place of a Suit module.

Crisis Module

This module will increase movement speed by as much as 20% if the suit’s health drops under a certain threshold. On Deadeye, staying mobile can mean the difference between life and death.

Hi-Xol Compression Module

Arguably one of the best Modules in the game. This humble upgrade can increase your Overdrive charge rate by as high as 30%. This will allow you to get back your Ultimate faster.

System Repair Module

This module greatly reduces the duration of jamming, burning, freezing, and paralyzing debuffs by up to 30%. The reason you may want this on Deadeye is to recover from Jamming as quickly as possible. Assault suits are probably the most ability-dependent class in Exoprimal and you’ll want to have access to your abilities at all times, if you can help it.

How to Unlock Rigs and Modules in Exoprimal

How to Unlock Rigs and Modules in Exoprimal - Exoprimal Build Guide

Exoprimal has a fairly simple progression system. It is split between your Player rank and your Exosuit rank. Your player rank will always increase at the end of each match. However, due to the nature of the game, your Exosuit rank may take longer as you may be asked to fill in certain roles. This will not affect one-trick ponies but that’s another topic entirely.

To unlock more Rigs and General Modules, you’ll have to increase your pilot’s level. For Suit Modules, however, they will require you to increase that specific Exosuit’s level.

Other than that, you’ll need to spend Bik Points aka the game’s currency to upgrade each and every one of them to Level 5. We highly recommend you upgrade to Level 5 as quickly as possible.

The Deadeye Exosuit may be the most user-friendly suit on the roster. But make no mistake, in the right hands, he can clear dinosaur waves more efficiently than any other suit on the team. He can also survive firefights against opposing suits quite well if his mobility and kit are used wisely. At the end of the day, only you can determine what’s best for your Exosuit build. We’re only here to provide suggestions so you can make informed decisions as to what you may invest in next.

If you are yet to pick which Exosuit you want to play as, check out the other Exoprimal Classes: All Exosuits and their Variants, and compare how each fare based on our Exoprimal Tier List: All Exosuits Ranked, to know which among the Exosuits are the best to use against PvP and PvE in Exoprimal.

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