Exoprimal: All Dinosaurs Listed

All dinosaurs that you'll fight in Exoprimal.

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Once the most feared creature on Earth, the Exoprimal dinosaurs have come back to remind the world why they’re the apex predators. Despite being extinct for millions of years, the effects of time travel have caused these prehistoric reptiles to bleed into the current timeline, which now threatens the existence of humanity. Even with technological advancements, we can only rely on the hyper-advanced Exosuits to combat dinosaurs.

Just what dinosaurs are in Exoprimal? Read on as we list and detail all the Exoprimal Dinosaurs you’ll encounter in the game.

All Exoprimal Dinosaurs

Here are the dinosaurs that can be encountered in Exoprimal:

  • Ankylosaurus
  • Baryonyx
  • Carnotaurus
  • Deinonychus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Pachycephalasaurus
  • Pteranodon
  • Raptor
  • Triceratops
  • T-Rex
  • Sinornithosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Suchomimus

There are at least 13 confirmed Exoprimal dinosaurs that you’ll fight in the game. According to story mode, they come from the past in bulk into the modern day due to spacetime distortions. The large number of dinosaur outbreaks has put humanity in constant danger of extinction.

You’ll have to squad up with other players in Exoprimal to tackle these beasts before they can further pose a threat to humanity. Each player within the team can choose their class and Exosuit that best complements the team composition to combat the many types of dinosaurs in the game.

These are just the ordinary dinosaurs listed, not the more threatening Neosaurs, which are harder to take down. You’ll encounter no shortage of them in PvE.

Here’s a description of each dinosaur you’ll be fighting in Exoprimal:


Ankylosaurus - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

The Ankylosaurus in Exoprimal is an herbivore that isn’t normally considered a threat to humanity due to its preference for plant life. However, they will combat anyone they see as a threat, especially with their hammerlike tails. The hard shell on its back makes it harder to penetrate the flesh and cause damage from the front. You’ll fare better by targeting its soft underbelly when it leaves itself exposed.


Baryonyx - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

A single Baryonyx in Exoprimalis is easy to dispatch by itself, but the bad news is that this dinosaur often travels in packs. When swarmed, most Exosuits can belt and buckle under the pressure, unless they’re tanks. Baryonyx have sharp teeth and fangs that will tear any man-made metal into chunks. Don’t confuse them for Suchomimus because Baryonyx are red.


Carnotaurus - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

The Carnotaurus in Exoprimal might as well be T-Rex lite with their incredibly aggressive nature. The horns on their heads allow them to deliver painful headbutts; their large legs can kick a car a street block away; and their tails swipe away any player unfortunate enough to not dodge. It’s very dangerous to engage it up close, so your best bet is to fight it from a distance.


Deinonychus - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

The aerial capabilities of the Deinonychus in Exoprimal are not to be underestimated. Despite their bright colors, these predators can rip you to shreds with their sharp claws and even sharper teeth. The Deinonychus attack fast and in packs, so suppressive fire with Exosuits like the Krieger is the best way to deal with them.


Dilophosaurus - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

You know that infamous dinosaur with gills at the side of its head? That’s the Dilophosaurus, and they’re part of the Exoprimal dinosaurs you fight against. While there’s little evidence that this dinosaur spits poison in real life, they do in this game, which gives them a unique ranged attack. Their poison not only depletes your health but slows you down, making it a danger to Exosuits who need high mobility like the Zephyr and Vigilant.


Pachycephalasaurus - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

The Pachycephalasaurus may look funny because of its bald head that sticks out way too much in contrast to the rest of its body, but that’s actually what makes this dinosaur so dangerous. While the Pachycephalasaurus is a known herbivore, it will charge at anything it considers a threat, so you’ll get familiar with that bald head coming closer. They can be repelled by striking them with melee attacks from the Murasame and Zephyr Exosuits.


Pteranodon - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

Not to be confused with Pterodactyls, the Pteranodon in Exoprimal are much larger, and even though they don’t have teeth, they have sharp claws and a sturdy beak to make up for it. They will dive down from the air to hit you in swarms, which is what makes them so dangerous. They’re easy enough to dispatch thanks to their many vulnerabilities, but you’ll have a hard time hitting Ptreranodon because of its tendency to fly high in the air, especially with melee Exosuits like Zephyr and Murasame.


Raptor - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

You may have seen Raptors, or Velociraptors, before thanks to popular media such as Jurassic Park’s artistic use of them. These dinosaurs may be small, but they’re fast and travel in packs. Raptors can also scale walls with their claws, so don’t think that verticality will keep you safe from this horde.


Triceratops - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

Like some dinosaurs on this list, the Triceratops is an herbivore, and it’s also one of the most well-known names next to the T-Rex. Make no mistake, those three horns on its head will charge at you without any discrimination based on its preferred diet. The best way to take it on is away from the front, where its scaly frill acts as a shield.

T. Rex

T. Rex - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

The T. Rex, or Tyrannosaurus Rex, is the most infamous member of the Exoprimal dinosaur cast. This large, monstrous beast is aggressive, and each encounter with the T. Rex serves as a boss fight to denote how dangerous it is. It will only become more fierce as it grows weaker. Even tanks with high armor can be significantly damaged by its powerful bite and sharp claws that can swipe around, which will take out less armored Exosuits in a matter of seconds.


Sinornithosaurus - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

Despite the long name of Sinornithosaurus, it’s the smallest of the Exoprimal dinosaurs. It’s not much of a threat by itself, but unfortunately, it travels in packs of large quantities. A fight with Sinornithosaurus will always feel like mowing down a zombie horde.


Stegosaurus - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

Stegosaurus is another dinosaur herbivore that’s been given some dangerous upgrades in Exoprimal. You may know it for the plates that run down the spine. Those aren’t actually the threats, but the tail, which has spikes that the Stegosaurus can swing at players. Being too close to this dinosaur can be a bad idea, as it has a powerful screech that can temporarily immobilize players.


Suchomimus - Exoprimal Dinosaurs

The Suchomimus looks similar to the Baryonyx, except that they have blue skins. These dinosaurs make up in numbers for what they lack in size. The Suchomimus are vulnerable to heat, but they will resist the cold. Because of this, they’re particularly weak to the Barrage Exosuit and have some resistance to the Murasame a: Frost Glaive.

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