Best Nimbus RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Be damage-dealing while repairing allies with the best Exoprimal Nimbus build.

Nimbus is one of the most mobile Exosuits in Exoprimal. She has a distinct playstyle that revolves around her pair of pistols that swaps between healing and causing damage. In a sense, this makes Nimbus a more mechanically demanding Exosuit compared to other Support Exosuits. Players who master her ways are sure to have a great impact on the battlefield.

In this article, we will talk about your options to help you customize your Exosuit so that it can perform at its best, no matter what your suit and pilot rank are at the moment. Do keep in mind that there are no wrong ways to build out your Exo, it’s just that some modules are objectively better than others.

Best Nimbus RIGs

Rigs are optional pieces of equipment that are meant to give Exos a leg up in certain situations. The kinds of RIGs that would be most beneficial to Nimbus will be the ones that make her job easier. Particularly ones that help out in healing and keeping allies alive for a little while longer.


When this RIG is activated, it shoots out a healing field in the direction its user is facing. The radius isn’t too large but it can be useful in a pinch, especially for melee Exosuits that mysteriously find themselves at the front lines. This also frees up Nimbus to direct her attention toward other allies that might be in need of healing.


The Shield is good at blocking enemy attacks for a short amount of time. When combined with Nimbus’s mobility, she can be able to body block for a little bit while healing anyone in desperate need of healing.

Best Nimbus Modules

Modules take up the bulk of your gameplay customization efforts in the game. Each of the three slots can be equipped with an upgrade that increases suit performance. They are sorted into different categories but they are split into two separate types.

  • General Modules: Modules that are unlocked through pilot experience.
  • Suit Modules: Modules specific to the Exosuit. Requires suit experience to level up.

Module 1 – N01 Speed Shot

Spam healing at its finest. The Speed Shot upgrade increases healing capabilities which is great and all but the thing that got my attention is the fact that projectiles pass through allies. No longer will the team’s tank hog all the healing. It’ll instead go to its intended target: probably a wanna Genji. It’s a good thing Exosuits aren’t that jumpy. Otherwise, there would be more Battle Nimbus on the field.

Module 2 – N Amped Spread

We are going to keep stacking the deck here to further improve Mars & Apollo. When these upgrades kick in, damage and healing are increased by a certain percentage. What’s more, is that reloading the weapons adds stronger projectiles to both guns. The only drawback here is that you’ll have to be tactical when you want to switch between either mode.

Module 3 – Quick Holo

Holo Wrap is Nimbus’s Ace in the Hole when the odds don’t look that look. This is why you’ll want to keep the cooldown as low as possible cause you’ll be needing it to move yourself and others out of harm’s way. But maybe it’s a good idea for the team to stay together, yes?

Best Nimbus General Module Options

This next set of modules is more of a suggestion. They can go into any of the three available slots and should be seen as ways to enhance your style of play. Do note that they will more or less take the place of a Suit module.

Crisis Module

Nimbus already moves fast. This module can allow her to go have a 20% increase in movement speed when her health goes down a certain percentage. Good in early game and PvP.

Crafter’s Module

Platforms and walls have the potential to change the tide of battle. Unfortunately, with the way it is now, you don’t exactly choose between a platform or a wall. Thankfully, this module gives you a chance to recover craft chips when a craft is inevitably destroyed. At least you’ll have Assaults and Tanks watching your back as you build up defenses.

Regeneration Module

There are only 2 Exosuits that can actually benefit from this module. Skywave is one of them and Nimbus is the other. This reduces the time it takes for health regen to kick in by a few seconds. Best used if you keep dying as a Support.

How to Unlock Nimbus in Exoprimal

For owners of the base game, Nimbus is not automatically unlocked from the start. To unlock her, you’ll need to reach Player Level 20 first. But that’s not all. You also need to purchase her using the game’s in-game currency called BikCoin. You better save up those coins if you want to use her as soon as you get to level 20.

If you want to get access to her right away, you’ll need to have purchased the Exoprimal Deluxe Edition. She is also part of the Head Start Kit DLC, a separate purchase that’s meant to give players who own the base game a boost.

In my opinion, Nimbus is not only the most powerful Support Exosuits in all of Exoprimal at the moment. She is one of the most fun units to play in general. The active playstyle keeps you on your toes at all times. And you’re not relegated to the backlines. You are constantly switching things up and you are greatly rewarded for mastering your timing and positioning on the battlefield.

How to Customize Nimbus in Exoprimal

During the time of launch, customization in Exoprimal is limited to a few options. This isn’t to say that there’s no depth in the way you upgrade Exosuits. There’s some wiggle room there in that regard if you know where to invest your BikCoins. The main ways to customize your suits is by visiting the Customization tab for cosmetic options and RIG and Modules for when you want to change the way your suit performs during combat.

Support upgrade options aren’t as flexible as compared to the other two classes. For the most part, you’ll be looking at upgrades that improve your healing capabilities, lowering cooldowns, and adding mobility options.

How to Unlock Rigs and Modules in Exoprimal

Exoprimal has a fairly simple progression system. It is split between your Player rank and your Exosuit rank. Your player rank will always increase at the end of each match. However, due to the nature of the game, your Exosuit rank may take longer as you may be asked to fill in certain roles. This will not affect one-trick ponies but that’s another topic entirely.

To unlock more Rigs and General Modules, you’ll have to increase your pilot’s level. For Suit Modules, however, they will require you to increase that specific Exosuit’s level.

Other than that, you’ll need to spend BikCoin aka the game’s currency to upgrade each and every one of them to Level 5. We highly recommend you upgrade to Level 5 as quickly as possible.

If you are yet to pick which Exosuit you want to play as, check out the other Exoprimal Classes: All Exosuits and their Variants, and compare how each fare based on our Exoprimal Tier List: All Exosuits Ranked, to know which among the Exosuits are the best to use against PvP and PvE in Exoprimal.

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