Payday 3: How to use Elevator Access in Gold and Sharke Heist

Learn how to use the elevator access in Payday 3's Gold & Sharke Heist with the help of this guide. Say goodbye to security hassles!

Payday 3 Gold and Sharke elevator featured

There is an elevator in the Gold and Sharke heist of Payday 3 that is located near the vault. This elevator can be used to cut the time needed to take the bags of cash from the vault through the lobby, allowing you to avoid having to trek through security guards and civilians. Having elevator access makes the last parts of the Gold and Sharke heist a breeze.

Read this guide to learn how to use the elevator in Gold and Sharke.

How to Get Access to the Elevator in Gold and Sharke

You can only open the elevator in Gold and Sharke during the loadout phase before starting the heist. One player in your team must equip the Gold and Sharke: Elevator Access favor from the lobby before the heist starts. When you load into the Gold and Sharke heist, the elevator should be open for you to use.

How to Get the Elevator Access favor in Gold and Sharke

Unlike other favors that can be bought from the vendor in the main menu, there’s no way to buy the Gold and Sharke: Elevator Access favor. There’s also no guarantee that this favor will be given to one of your party members during the loadout phase. You can get the Gold and Sharke: Elevator Access favor randomly by completing the other heists and receiving the favor as a reward. The favor can be used on any of the heists but will disappear once you close the lobby.

This elevator access is a godsend if you want to stealth the Gold and Sharke heist. It provides a quick shortcut to the parking lot where the van is located. You can simply throw the bags of cash inside the elevator before jumping down to the parking lot. This lets you stock them up on the elevator and quickly put them in the van before making a quick getaway.

Note that the elevator itself is broken and won’t call the elevator car itself. However, it will be empty, so you can throw the cash bags straight down below. Don’t jump down until you’ve thrown all of them; otherwise, you can’t get back up this way.