Can You Play As the Killer in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

Can You Play As the Killer in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game cover

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre wouldn’t be as fun if we couldn’t play as the iconic family of cannibals. Many multiplayer horror games like these often have you playing as helpless survivors who can only work towards making an escape; however, there are those that put you in the shoes of the killer, whose job it is to hunt down other players.

Can You Play As the Killer in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

You can play as the killer in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In fact, you can play as any of the five members of the iconic cannibal family. With the exception of Grandpa, you can even play as Leatherface himself.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre pits 3 players who plays as the family against 4 players who are playing as their unfortunate victims. Victims have to try and escape before the family finds them and kills them. Having 3 players hunting down 4 helpless victims may sound unfair, and it certainly is, the victims can be very elusive and hard to find.

Each member of the cannibal family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre have their own unique abilities which help them stop the victims from escaping. Some members of the family are more aggressive, like Johnny who can track injured victims, while others can use the environment to their advantage, like the Hitchhiker who can set traps.

Here are all the killers you can play as in Texas Chainsaw Massacre:


The butcher of the Family himself, Leatherface, is the poster boy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He plays such an iconic role in the game that you can’t even start the match unless one of the three killers is Leatherface.

Gameplay wise, Leatherface is slower than the other killers but makes up for it with brut strength. He can bash down doors even if they’re bolted shut. When you hear his chainsaw, you know he’s nearby so he can’t surprise the victims as easily as other members of the Family.


Cook is the owner of the gas station who claims to not enjoy the killing like the rest of the Family. However he’s efficiently good at it and is one of the best killers for finding the victims without grandpa’s help.

In gameplay, Cook can use his ability to listen in allowing him to hear victims moving around. When you see him put his hand to his ear, stop moving or else he’ll find you. Though he can quickly be outrun and his low endurance means he can’t give as much of a chase. However it’s enough to send the other members of the Family your way.


Hitchhiker is a rather disturbed individual who takes sadistic pleasure in mastering the arts of the macabre. Don’t be fooled by his slim frame as he’s more clever than the other members of the Family.

In gameplay, the Hitchhiker can pass through crawl spaces and gaps as easily as survivors can. This can fool players at a glance into thinking that he’s one of them if they aren’t paying close attention. To add more to how dangerous he is, the Hitchhiker can place traps made out of bones that incapacitate players and make a sound. Watch where you step. Your life depends on it.


Johnny has the mind of a serial killer. Unlike other members of the Family who kill to eat and survive, Johnny feels the urge to overpower those weaker than him which he thinks is everyone else.

In gameplay, Johnny is a tracker who can find wounded victims. His attacks are devastating and can pretty much put down almost anyone in a single encounter. Watch out for this unpredictable maniac.


Sissy is the dangerous femme fatale of the Family. Being its only female member, she’s used her looks to leave a blood trail in Texas.

Gameplay wise, Sissy can use her strange ability to blow poisonous breath at victims. This prevents them from passing for a short while and anyone hit is going to be in serious danger.


Grandpa is the best killer that ever was who is way past his prime. He isn’t playable because of his advanced age rendering him confined to a chair. However he’s also one of the most dangerous variables in a match.

While Grandpa can’t chase you, he can detect your location for the Family to find. He gets stronger the longer the game is as the more blood he’s feed the more potent his ability to find survivors becomes. Don’t move when he’s using his ability to find you.

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