Can you play Hogwarts Legacy after completing the story?

Hogwarts Legacy promises to be a big open world full of secrets to discover and sights to explore. With a lot of games ending after the main story line is complete, players are asking if Hogwarts Legacy lets you keep playing after completing the story. Here’s a guide that will explain what you can do after finishing Hogwarts Legacy.

Can you play Hogwarts Legacy after beating the story?

Although there hasn’t been any confirmation from developers Avalanche, it seems that you can continue to play Hogwarts Legacy after beating the story. This means you could head back and complete any side quests and continue exploring Hogwarts and any surrounding environments.

A quality assurance tester went on to answer questions on Reddit regarding this topic. Although they quickly took down what they wrote, they did confirm that players are able to continue exploring Hogwarts even after the main story has been beaten. This Reddit post was verified by the mod team of r/HarryPotterGame but it was taken down by the uploader presumably in fear of getting in trouble.

Although you can continue exploring Hogwarts after beating Hogwarts Legacy, you may be locked out of some aspects of the game. A gameplay trailer already confirms that seasons and weather in the game are locked to storyline progression. This may mean that you’ll be locked into one season after beating Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy offers a large open world to explore which will no doubt still hold secrets after beating the game. Still, there’s no harm in taking your time to explore the environment after new seasons have coated the land in snow or other.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have New Game Plus?

New Game Plus is a feature many players who beat Hogwarts Legacy main story may be looking forward to but it hasn’t been confirmed if the game will feature it.

If Hogwarts Legacy does feature New Game Plus, we might be able to bring spells and other things that can carry over. This may mean that Avalanche Studios will give us tougher enemies to beat otherwise it might become a walk in the park.

Hogwarts Legacy after completing the story

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