Can you play Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Steam Deck verified?

Those who prefer more portable gaming options may be considering playing Hogwarts Legacy on their Steam Deck. This gaming console from Valve has been a heavy hitter playing demanding games such as God of War or Days Gone with no problems despite its size. With Hogwarts Legacy coming this February 10, you may be considering getting it for the Steam Deck.

Will Hogwarts Legacy be playable on Steam Deck?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy will be playable on the Steam Deck. The official WB Games Support Twitter account has confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy is Steam Deck verified on launch.

If Hogwarts Legacy is Steam Deck verified, it means that Valve has assured quality that the game will run without problems. There are other games that aren’t verified which require some configuration on the player’s part to get it to work on the Steam Deck. Hogwarts Legacy will be launching on the Steam Deck as soon as it releases this February 10, 2023.

This will surely influence your decision to buy the game. With Steam uploading your save files to their servers, you’ll be able to seamlessly continue your progress on the go. You can constantly switch between playing on your PC and Steam Deck depending on whichever is convenient for you.

Hogwarts Legacy Steam Deck verified

It’s been confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will not require an online connection in order to play. So you can play it whenever even when not connected to the internet.

How to get Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck?

To get Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck, you must sync your Steam account to your console. You must also have a copy of Hogwarts Legacy purchased. Once you have both of the requirements met, you can download the game on your Steam Deck.

Hogwarts Legacy will require at least 85 GB of space on your Steam Deck. It’s a bit on the bigger side of things. So you better have some room saved up.

How to get Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck

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