Dave the Diver Best Staff Ranked

All 20 Dave the Diver Staff ranked from worst to best.

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The Dave the Diver staff can be ranked according to which ones do a great job in helping you manage your sushi restaurant. While you can recruit the best employees with almost godlike abilities, you can also recruit some milquetoast staff with below average stats and undesirable perks. If you want to be the best sushi joint in town, you need to learn which staff are the best to keep around.

Use this guide to find out which employee to recruit. If you’re having trouble, we also have a guide for how to recruit the best staff.

Here are the Dave the Diver staff ranked from worst to best:


Kyoko - Dave the Diver Staff

Kyoko, probably the worst employee, has low stats, even at Level 20, and none of them go past 500. This makes her possibly the worst employee to recruit unless you’re at the start of the game. Her skills are decent enough, but you should quickly find someone to replace her.


Liu - Dave the Diver Staff

Liu, even after training him to Level 20, still has low stats, barely breaking past 200. His skills are mediocre, which makes hiring him a bad move considering he has nothing noteworthy to offer.


Jandi - Dave the Diver Staff

Jandi is a decent server, but her skills remain low even at Level 20. Her serving skill barely went past 500 before, even after investing so much to train her. You’re better off replacing her with a more capable server sometime down the line.


Carolina - Dave the Diver Staff

Carolina has a bit over 500 cooking at Level 20. It makes her a bit better than some of the other choices, but you’ll ditch her after finding someone better. She can make for a good cook early to midgame if you have no one else.


Pai - Dave the Diver Staff

Pai has decent stats on both serving and cooking, but you’ll have to polish him up a bit before he can be one of the better staff. It’s expensive to train your employees all the way to Level 20, but Pai can be decent for early game.


Raul - Dave the Diver Staff

Raul is a gold-tier Staff with interesting stats. All of his stats end in 541 at Level 20. All of them. Raul has the notable skill of raising the prices on beverages, and he does have decent all rounder stats, which gives you a good reason to keep him around.


Drae - Dave the Diver Staff

Drae is a Platinum-tier employee whose stats make him seem weak compared to the other Gold choices. Drae is great at both cooking and serving, having high stats for both, but he can easily be outdone by lower-tier staff.


Yusuke - Dave the Diver Staff

Yusuke has decent cooking stats once you train him enough. He can reach over 1100 in cooking stats once he reaches Level 20, but it’s a bit behind what other staff members like Charlie can offer.


James - Dave the Diver Staff

James may look like Jason from Friday the 13th, but this staff member can cook. At Level 20, he’s over 900 cooking, which makes him one of the better cooks in Dave the Diver. You’ll eventually find someone better, but James can be worth keeping around.


Cohh - Dave the Diver Staff

Cohh has some big potential for serving, having a high serving and appeal stat. He’s good at serving cocktails, and his ability to get tips makes him a desirable waiter. Not many servers can go beyond 900 serving stat, which makes Cohh one of the better employees.


Masayoshi - Dave the Diver Staff

Masayoshi is a Platinum-tier staff, and like the others of his level, he has some high stats. He’s a good cook, but Masayoshi doesn’t have any other notable traits to bring in the money. You’re better off picking other staff if you have better options.


Raptor - Dave the Diver Staff

Raptor may not even be human, but this scaly friend has a really high procure and serving stat. When he’s not serving customers, you can have him get ingredients for your restaurant. This makes Raptor worth keeping around even if he isn’t serving customers.


Itsuki - Dave the Diver Staff

Itsuki is one of the best servers in Dave the Diver. With a combination of both high serving and appeal stats, she’s one you want on the frontlines. Itsuki also has a permanent buff to her charisma, which makes charming customers easy.


Charlie - Dave the Diver Staff

Charlie is a silver-tier staff who has high cooking stats for the amount it takes to hire him. Unless you find someone better like Tohoku or Yone, you’ll be having him cook for you until further notice. You’ll have to invest in his training to make full use of his cooking skill, which reaches 1573 at Level 20.


Mitchell - Dave the Diver Staff

At the start of Dave the Diver, Mitchell will be one of the best staff you can recruit. He makes for a good server despite only being in the bronze tier. Mitchell’s skills may not be impressive, but his ability to brew a drink can go a long way toward customer satisfaction.


Tohoku - Dave the Diver Staff

Tohoku is one of the best cooks in the game. If his cooking stat was any higher, he’d be taking Maki’s place higher up on this list. Tohoku has skills that significantly boost his cooking, which makes him one of the better chefs to serve at your restaurant.


Billy - Dave the Diver Staff

Billy is the second best server for your restaurant. His high serving stats make him the ideal waiter, and customers love him enough to always tip. Billy can help you clean up seats faster, giving more room for the next customers.

El Nino

El Nino - Dave the Diver Staff

El Nino is the best server you can get in Dave the Diver. Not only is his high serving stat better than the rest, but his skills to clean seats and serve drinks perfectly are also highly attractive. When you’re given the choice to recruit El Nino, always go for him.


Maki - Dave the Diver Staff

Maki can only be recruited by progressing through the story, unlike other staff. This chef has high cooking stats and provides bonuses, making her one of the best chefs available in the game. Because of how good she is, you won’t be able to recruit here until you’re far into the game’s chapter list.


Yone - Dave the Diver Staff

Yone is the best chef and is considered as the best staff in Dave the Diver. Yone can prepare food fast and has an extremely high stat for cooking. With the skills you get from investing money in her, Yone can easily turn your sushi joint into one of the best restaurants ever.