Dave the Diver: How to destroy the Entryway in Limestone Cave

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In Dave the Diver, one of the quests an NPC asks you to do requires that you destroy the entryway in Limestone Cave. Some artifacts from the mysterious Sea People are lying behind the blocked entryway of their Records Chamber, and Dr. Bacon is asking that you retrieve them for him. Of course, to make it to those artifacts, you first have to destroy the blocked entryway in Limestone Cave.

Use this Dave the Diver guide we wrote to learn how to destroy the entryway in Limestone Cave. With the entryway destroyed, you can get the artifacts for Dr. Bacon so he can have some proof of how the Sea People used to live.

How to Destroy the Entryway in Limestone Cave?

When Cobra gives you the bomb, dive down to where the signal is leading you. You’ll receive instructions from Dr. Bacon on how to reach the Records Chamber. Use the spacebar to plant the bomb near the entryway, and then swim away to a safe distance when the doctor tells you to. The bomb will be detonated, and the entryway into Limestone Cave will be destroyed.

To get the bomb, you first have to get some items for Cobra. You’ll need a Computer Chip, Camera Lens, and a Motor to make a drone. These items can be found on the ocean floor, about 50 to 100 meters below. If you’re worried about missing these items, just keep an eye out for a shining blue diamond. Once you’ve retrieved the items, Cobra will give you the bomb you need to destroy the entryway in Limestone Cave.

How to Get Beyond the Rock Pile Quest in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver - Rock Pile Quest - Entryway in Limestone Cave

You’ll get the Beyond the Rock Pile quest after completing the Prologue and reaching Chapter 1. This is when you’ll meet Dr. Stone, who asks you to get the artifacts from the Sea People’s Records Chamber. He wants proof that a mysterious species of Sea People once existed before they were wiped out by some tragic calamity underwater.

After diving down into the depths, you’ll just have to follow the signal. At around 90 meters below surface level, you’ll find the Sea People’s Records Chamber, but the entryway is blocked, so you can’t proceed. Don’t worry about having to go deep, at the start of the quest, Dr. Bacon upgrades the suit for you in exchange for Dave going down to get the artifacts.

Once you’ve set up the bomb and it blows up, you can enter the Records Chamber. This is an area you can relax in, as there aren’t any enemies to fight or fish to catch. Just get everything Dr. Bacon asks you to, and you’re done with the Beyond the Rock Pile quest in Dave the Diver.