Dave the Diver: Jellyfish Party Event Guide

This guide will give you a full walkthrough on how to prepare for the Jellyfish Party Event in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver Jellyfish Party Event cover

The Jellyfish Party is one of the special events in Dave the Diver. As part of the efforts to boost tourism around the Blue Hole, the Jellyfish Party is hosted, which showcases jellyfish dishes to lure daring and curious guests into the area. Read ahead as we talk about the Jellyfish Party and how it works in Dave the Diver.

How to get the Jellyfish Party event

The Jellyfish party happen on the night of October 15, but Cobra will tell you about the party on the day of October 12, giving you three days to prepare and gather ingredients.

Jellyfish Party Walkthrough

Once you get the email about the Jellyfish Party, you will start noticing an increase in jellyfish spawns in your dives leading up to the party itself. Take advantage of this opportunity to find rare spawns such as the Box Jellyfish and the White Spotted Jellyfish.

The best way to catch Jellyfish is with the Small Net Gun, which you will get around the same time as the event. The Small Net Gun will shoot a net over a small target, allowing you to get them alive and fresh. Netted jellyfish will also be safe to approach. You can also use tranquilizers from the harpoon or the gun to get fresh jellyfish. Get as many as you can, not only for the party’s ingredient stock but also to have enough to upgrade the dishes by a few levels.

The jellyfishes that you should look out for are as follows:

  • Shallows
    • Barrel Jellyfish
    • Fried Egg Jellyfish
    • Box Jellyfish
  • Medium Depth
    • White Spotted Jellyfish
  • Depths
    • Comb Jellyfish
    • Blood-belly Comb Jellyfish

Each jellyfish type will have its own sushi dish. You can also serve the special Seagrapes Jellyfish Sushi dish, which is obtained by completing the Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge. Make sure to harvest some sea grapes from the Limestone Cave as well as some salt.

Before starting the event, make sure that you have also trained your staff, as there will be an influx of customers for the party. You can also set up your menu to only have jellyfish-themed dishes available for the night. These dishes are marked with a pink ribbon on them.

Once the party starts, you will notice some customers who are glowing; these are customers who came here for the party. These customers are served the same way as the regular customers, but they do offer a bonus that you get at the end of the night if they get proper service.

Once you’ve prepared properly, you can expect a huge income after the party ends.