Dead Island 2 Fool’s Gold Quest Walkthrough

Learn how to obtain a legendary knife and complete the Dead Island 2 Fool’s Gold Lost and Found quest with the help of this guide.

Dead Island 2 Fool's Gold cover

Fool’s Gold is one of the various Missing Weapons Lost & Found quests that can be done in Dead Island 2. In this quest, players will be following a paper trail of a failed meet-up to discover some treasure that has been buried somewhere in Santa Monica.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Fool’s Gold Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2.

How to start the Fool’s Gold Lost & Found quest?

To start the Fool’s Gold Lost & Found quest, go to Lifeguard HQ at The Pier and kill the zombie named Dante, who patrols near the broken staircase. He will then drop the A Totally Legit Letter Journal that will start the quest and Randy’s locker key.

Dead Island 2 Fool’s Gold Walkthrough

Head inside the HQ and go to the gym area, where you will find Randy’s locker. Open it, and you will get the Deep Shit Journal.

After picking up the Deep Shit journal, make your way to the south corner of the pier where the Ferris Wheel is and go to the back side of the Ice Cream Shop nearby. Then, pick up the Meeting of the Minds Journal on top of the bench.

Now, head over to the Merry-Go-Round Cafe on the north side of the pier and check the nearby alley where you will find the Flaws in the Plan Journal near the trash bin.

With all three journals collected, head back to the Lifeguard HQ and go to the eastern side of it, where there’s an alley in between the building and the wall. There will be a lot of enemies patrolling this alley, so clear them out first. Once done, look for the Buried Safe somewhere near the wall, and you will get the legendary Blood Rage knife and the Superior Melee Liquidator Mod. You will also get 2,000 XP for completing the quest.

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