Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie Quest Walkthrough

Learn how to complete the Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost and Found quest and obtain a rare rifle with the help of this guide.

Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie cover

My Mailman Was A Zombie is one of the various Missing Weapons Lost & Found quests that can be done in Dead Island 2. In this quest, players will have to track down the mailman based on the deliveries that he made in order to open a chest that contains a rare weapon.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2.

How to start the My Mailman Was a Zombie Lost & Found quest?

To start the My Mailman Was a Zombie Lost & Found quest, find the delivery truck in Bel-Air, along Alpine Drive just north of the GOAT Pen. Interact with the clipboard on the ground to get the Signature Required Journal and start the quest.

Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie Walkthrough

There are three packages to be found within Bel-Air for this quest, but you will only need to find two of them to get the next objective. Refer to the map below for the exact locations of the packages marked in red.

To get to the first package, go inside the GOAT Pen and head towards the main entrance to the house. Just outside the door is a trolley stacked with boxes. Inspect the box to proceed.

As for the second package, head across the street from the GOAT Pen and then make your way to the southwest corner of Sinclair’s house, where you will find another stack of boxes.

From here, Wayne the Mailman will spawn in the location where the third unchecked stack of boxes is, so if you have checked the stacks in the GOAT Pen and in Sinclair’s house, Wayne will spawn in the house at the northwest corner of Bel-Air. Once you see Wayne, kill him, and he will drop the Mailman’s Keys.

Lastly, head back to the delivery truck at the beginning of the quest and use the key to open the blue chest and get the Raven rifle. You will also receive 2,000 XP for completing the quest.

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