Dead Space Remake: How to restore Stasis?

How to recharge Stasis in Dead Space Remake?

Dead Space Remake Stasis Module

You need to learn how to restore Stasis in the Dead Space Remake if you want to survive. Stasis is important for helping Isaac survive hazardous environments or buying him time from fast moving enemies. Here’s an explanation of how to restore Stasis in the Dead Space Remake.

How to restore Stasis in Dead Space Remake?

You can restore Stasis charge by using Stasis Recharge Stations and Stasis Packs in the Dead Space Remake. Stasis Recharge Stations can be found in different areas around the Ishimura while Stasis Packs can be stored in the inventory for later use.

After Isaac picks up the Stasis Module in Chapter 1, he’ll be able to slow down objects. This can be used to slow down unsafe moving objects or enemies for his own safety. However the Stasis charge is finite and will need to be recharged after its depleted.

You can see how much Stasis you have left by looking at the small curve bar at the back of Isaac’s suit. It will gradually deplete upon use so you’ll know how much you have left.

How to restore Stasis in Dead Space Remake?

Stasis Recharge Stations are one way to restore Stasis in the Dead Space Remake. They can be used an infinite number of times but are only found in certain sections of the map. These will restore the Stasis to full immediately.

Stasis Packs are a more portable way to restore Stasis. However you need to consume Stasis Packs which can be found by looking for supplies in the environment. You’ll need to be frugal with Stasis Packs as you only have a limited number of use.

Does Stasis recharge automatically?

No, Stasis does not recharge automatically. Isaac will have to use Stasis Packs and Stasis Recharge Stations to do so. Stasis will not recharge even in Story mode difficulty.

Unlike Isaac’s health which will recharge on easiest difficulty of the game, the Stasis can only be recharged by using the above two methods.

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