Dead Space Remake Ending Explained

Dead Space Remake original ending and secret ending in a nutshell.

Dead Space, the iconic survival horror video game series, has recently undergone a remake, and fans are eagerly discussing the alternate ending. In this article, we’ll delve into the Dead Space Remake ending explained, breaking down all the key plot points and answering some of the biggest questions players may have.

While the Dead Space Remake ending is entirely faithful to the original, it does still leave a few questions to those who have not played the sequels. What happened in the USG Ishimura? What happens to Isaac? Where is Nicole? The ending of the original Dead Space game is both shocking and mysterious, leaving players with more questions than answers.

This article contains major spoilers for those who have not finished the game. Read at your own discretion.

What happens in the Dead Space Remake ending?

In Dead Space Remake, players will once again take on the role of Isaac Clarke as he fights to survive against the Necromorphs and uncover the truth behind the Marker. The game will feature updated graphics, gameplay, and other enhancements, but the core story remains the same.

The game’s protagonist, Isaac Clarke, is an engineer sent to repair the mining spaceship USG Ishimura. However, upon arriving, he discovers that the ship is overrun by Necromorphs, reanimated corpses that have been turned into deadly creatures by an alien artifact known as the Marker.

Isaac’s journey to stop the Necromorphs and destroy the Marker is a brutal one, filled with gruesome battles and terrifying encounters. As he delves deeper into the ship, Isaac begins to unravel the truth behind the Marker and the Ishimura’s mission. It is revealed that the ship’s crew, led by Captain Benjamin Mathius, had discovered the Marker on a distant planet and brought it aboard the Ishimura for study.

However, the Marker’s power was too great for the crew to handle, and it began to drive them insane. They began to worship the Marker as a god and began to perform grotesque experiments on the Necromorphs in an attempt to understand its power. Isaac’s love interest, Nicole Brennan, was also part of the crew, but she was the only one who rejected the Marker’s influence, and she was locked away as a result.

As Isaac progresses through the game, he discovers that the Marker is actually a beacon, intended to call forth the alien race known as the “Brethren Moons,” and the Necromorphs are the result of their attempts to create human-like forms that can survive on the planet. Isaac finally reaches the Marker and destroys it, but not before it sends out a signal to the Brethren Moons, summoning them to the Ishimura’s location.

After trying to escape with Dr. Kyne, Isaac is betrayed by Kendra Daniels who attempts to leave him stranded in Aegis VII. Isaac then comes face to face with the Hive Mind controlling the Necromorphs and defeats it before boarding the last ship and escaping the planet. It’s then that he’s attacked by Nicole before the credits roll.

Every single one of the crew in the USG Kellion who came to the Ishimura to answer a distress call are now dead with the possible exception of Isaac. As Kendra tries to abandon him and leave Aegis VII, she is swatted by one of the large tentacles of the Hive Mind which kills her before she can successfully escape. It turns out that Kendra was after the Aegis VII Marker under the orders of the government which she manipulated Isaac into getting for her.

Even after defeating the large Hive Mind composed of dead corpses, Isaac is attacked by a seemingly reanimated Nicole Brennan who was revealed to have killed herself in the Ishimura long before USG Kellion even arrived. However, unlike other Necromorphs, her body does not have any extra appendages despite bleeding from her eyes and mouth.

What happens in the Dead Space Remake ending?

The game’s ending sees Isaac escaping the Ishimura in a shuttle, but it is implied that he is not alone in the shuttle, as the camera pans to reveal that Nicole is with him, although she is dead. It is also revealed that the Brethren Moons have indeed arrived, and they are seen approaching the Ishimura.

This ending leaves it very ambiguous as to what happens to Isaac after leaving Aegis VII and surviving the USG Ishimura. Those who haven’t played the sequels will probably be wondering about what happens next. Thankfully those who pre-ordered the Dead Space Remake will get Dead Space 2 for free when it releases so they can immediately find out. But we’ll explain it anyway…

What happens to Isaac at the end of Dead Space?

When Isaac is attacked by Nicole, it turns out that he’s actually hallucinating due to the combined influence of the Red Marker and the trauma he experienced in the USG Ishimura and Aegis VII. This significantly affects his sanity to the point he has to be taken to an asylum on Titan Station for two years of treatment in the sequel.

After surviving the events of the Ishimura, Isaac now has the Marker blueprints implanted in his mind. This dooms him to becoming insane unless he finds a way to cure himself of the hallucination this implant causes.

What happens to Nicole?

Nicole is dead, as Isaac finds out when he watches her last recording. She commits suicide to avoid being killed by the Necromorphs long before USG Kellion arrive in the Ishimura. Previously, Isaac can arrive in the room where she recorded her death and find no body, implying that she’s one of the many Necromorphs he dispatches on his way through the events for the first game.

The Nicole Isaac has been talking to the entire game turns out to have been an illusion created by the Red Marker to get Isaac to put it back on its pedestal. This includes the Nicole at the Dead Space Remake ending who attacks Isaac before the credits roll.

Does Dead Space Remake have an alternate ending?

What is the Dead Space Remake secret alternate ending?

Yes, Dead Space Remake does have an alternate ending. Developers Motive Studio confirmed that a secret ending can be unlocked.

The new Dead Space Remake alternate ending, which can be unlocked by completing certain objectives throughout the game, offers a different perspective on the story. In the original ending, Isaac sacrifices himself to destroy the Marker, an alien artifact that is responsible for the Necromorph outbreak.

In the Dead Space Remake alternate ending, players are given the option to save Isaac and bring him back to Earth. However, it is revealed that the Marker is still active and continues to spread its infection, leading to a new outbreak on Earth. On the cutscene, you will understand that the objective to collect Marker Fragments means Isaac is being controlled by the Marker, and in the brief conversation that he has with Nicole (another illusion created by the Red Marker), he was actually happy to build more Markers before “going home”.

This alternate ending adds an extra layer of complexity to the story and raises questions about the true nature of the Marker and its ultimate effects on humanity. Some fans have praised this alternate ending for its bold departure from the original, while others have criticized it for being too predictable. But eerily, this Dead Space remake alternate ending goes very well with the lore on what we know the Marker does to a person, and it connects pretty well to the Dead Space 2 story.

The Dead Space Remake alternate ending is a fresh take on a classic game that offers a new perspective on the story and keeps players guessing until the very end.

The Dead Space Remake ending raises many questions, and the secret alternate ending is a must-see for fans of the original game and newcomers alike. But overall, the game’s Ending shows the brutal and terrifying consequences of humanity’s attempts to play god and harness the power of unknown technologies. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding the consequences of our actions before proceeding.

If you’re a fan of the Dead Space series or just looking for a thrilling horror experience, the Dead Space Remake is a must-play. With its updated graphics and gameplay, it offers an even more immersive and terrifying experience than the original. Dead Space Remake is a perfect blend of nostalgia and new elements that will keep players engaged throughout the game. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your controller and prepare to face the Necromorphs once again in the Dead Space remake.

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