Demonologist: How to Find the Sitting Human Silhouette

Learn how to find the Sitting Human silhouette in Demonologist using the Ecto Glass tool and complete the optional objective.

Demonologist how to Find the silhouette using the ecto glass featured

One of the optional objectives in Demonologist involves finding a Sitting Human silhouette using the Ecto Glass tool. Like other optional objectives, the vague description doesn’t help players understand what to do any better, especially considering how hard the silhouette is to even locate. You’re still going to need to know how to do this task in order to exorcise the ghost in Demonologist.

This guide will teach you how to find the sitting human silhouette using the Ecto Glass in Demonologist so you can complete this optional objective and exorcise the ghost.

How to Find the Sitting Human Silhouette Using Ecto Glass?

You have to look through the Ecto Glass using the left-click button to find the Sitting Human silhouette in Demonologist. Look at the silhouette long enough, and you’ll hear an audible cue that you’ve fulfilled the objective. This optional objective can only be done after you and your team have identified the ghost.

Looking for the silhouette is an optional objective that won’t always be required when exorcising a ghost. However, when it does appear, you need the Ecto Glass to look for the sitting human silhouette itself; otherwise, this task is impossible. Since you don’t know what your optional objectives will be when you start a match, it’s always best to bring Ecto Glasses with you.

What you’re looking for is a silhouette of a sitting human. It will appear as a white silhouette, which can only be seen through the Ecto Glass in any of the rooms on the map. Once you find it, you have to stare at the silhouette with the Ecto Glass long enough until you hear an audible cue that you’re done with the task at hand.

Because of how the Ecto Glass works, giving you a small view to look for the silhouette, this task can be difficult. It’s easy to overlook where the sitting human silhouette is. You could also be vulnerable since looking through the Ecto Glass has you focused, and you may not notice if the ghost decides to hunt.