Demonologist Exorcism Explained

A complete guide on how to exorcise ghosts in Demonologist.

Demonologist exorcism is one unique feature that sets the game apart from others of its genre and goes beyond just investigating the kind of ghost haunting an area. It’s an interesting concept that lets you do something about the hostile spirit that can’t move on instead of simply acting as cannon fodder for the actual exorcist. Learn to take things into your own hands and exorcise ghosts in Demonologist using this guide.

How Does Demonologist Exorcism Work?

Demonologist exorcism can only be done after identifying the ghost and completing other objectives. The method for the exorcism itself can depend on what map you’re in.

  • Abandoned House: Requires the use of Demonologist tools such as the Ecto Glass, Photo Camera, and Candle, regardless of ghost type. After identifying the ghost, you need to get it to blow out a candle, then capture a photo of it and find its silhouette. When you’ve completed all of this, you need to find all five fingers in the house and burn them in the basement.
  • Cyclone Street: Requires the use of the Ecto Glass regardless of ghost type. After identifying the ghost, locate a digital time that is written on the wall inside the house. Once you’ve found it, you need to change the time on three old wall clocks somewhere inside the house by arranging their arms.
  • Hospital: After identifying the ghost type, look for three pieces of a shotgun that can be found anywhere inside the hospital itself. These pieces are glowing, so they’re easier to spot. Once you’ve collected all three, go back to the lobby to grab the gun and then shoot the ghost with it.

Demonologist is still in early access, so there are more maps to be added in the coming updates. When they arrive, they’ll have their own conditions for what you need to do for the exorcism. We’ll be sure to update this guide when new Demonologist maps have been added.

How Does Demonologist Exorcism Work

It’s required that you first identify what Demonologist ghost type you’re dealing with before you can do an exorcism. Additionally, some maps require that you have specific tools to complete additional objectives before you can exorcise a ghost. So don’t forget to bring what you need if you’re planning on doing an exorcism.

What’s the point of Demonologist Exorcism?

Exorcism in Demonologist earns the most money and experience for a job. However, it’s completely optional, and you don’t need to do it.

Since you’ll need to first identify a ghost before you can exorcise it, there are added dangers to staying too long. You may be tempted to do the Demonologist exorcism, but it’s ill advised if you and your friends are on low sanity. Your paranormal investigation team could end up as food for the ghost if you’re not careful.

Still, exorcism is one key aspect that sets Demonologist apart from Phasmophobia so it’s worth attempting once you feel you’re ready. Just make sure you have some friends to help you out.

That’s the complete Demonologist exorcism guide. Check out this Youtube video from Worthy Prince showing exorcism in Demonologist in action.