Demonologist: How to Collect Ghost Orbs

How to Collect Ghost Orbs in Demonologist featured

One of the optional objectives in Demonologist is to collect Ghost Orbs before you can exorcise the ghost. It’s a rather vague description, and first-time players will have some trouble trying to figure out how this optional objective is done.

How to Collect Ghost Orbs in Demonologist?

To collect Ghost Orbs in Demonologist, you have to look at them as they pass by and press [E] on your keyboard. This will gather up the Ghost Orb for collection so you can complete the optional objective.

Ghost Orbs will only appear after everyone has picked the ghost type in their journals. This optional objective is also random, so you won’t always see it when trying to exorcise a ghost. Since they appear after you’ve identified the ghost type, they’re not considered evidence in Demonologist.

The best way to catch Ghost Orbs is to stand in their path instead of chasing them around. They’re faster than you are and can easily tire you out. So standing in their path and looking where they’re going will give you better odds at catching them. These Ghost orbs thread along a fixed path, so they keep going back and forth along the same route.

You’ll know you’re looking at a Ghost Orb when you see a puffy white cloud of smoke fly past you. They’re hard to miss because of how much they stand out. Once you’ve collected all the Ghost Orbs flying around, the optional objective is done, and you’re one step closer to doing the exorcism.