Demonologist: How to use the Ouija Board

What can you say using the Ouija Board in Demonologist?

In order to talk to the dead, the Ouija Board in Demonologist is a useful tool to bring along. You can ask basic and simple questions, which will get the ghost to respond and give you an idea as to where the ghost is haunting. However, the Ouija Board in Demonologist only follows specific commands, which makes it hard for new players to know what to do.

Here’s a guide that answers what questions you can use on the Ouija Board, what the Demonologist Ouija Board does, and tips for using this tool.

How to use the Ouija Boardin Demonologist?

You can only ask questions relating to where the ghost is using the Ouija Board. Turn on your mic and ask either “Are you here?” or “Where are you?” to learn where the ghost is at the moment. Be warned that your sanity slowly drains when you pick up the Ouija Board even when you’re not using it.

At the moment there are only two questions you can ask the Demonologist Ouija Board that we explained above. When you’re done using the Ouija Board, it’s important to ensure that you always say “Goodbye” or else the ghost may turn hostile and begin a hunt.

If you’ve played Phasmophobia, then using the Ouija Board in Demonologist can be very familiar. For starters, you’ll need a mic to use it and ask questions. The questions you can ask are very limited at the moment but Demonologist is on Early Access and we expect more interactions with the Ouija Board in the coming updates.

How to use the Ouija Board in Demonologist?

What is the Ouija Board in Demonologist?

The Ouija Board is a tool you can find on the map and serves as a tool for communicating with the ghost. Unlike the Spirit Box, the Ouija Board gives you guaranteed answers at the price of your sanity.

Tips on how to use the Ouija Board Demonologist

The Demonologist Ouija Board is a dangerous tool that comes with its own risks. So here are some tips when using the tool to help you identify the ghost’s location:

  • Only use the Ouija Board as a last resort. If you’re not getting any response from the Spirit Box and can’t identify where the ghost is, then the Ouija Board is a good tool to have.
  • Always carry a Crucifix when using the Ouija Board. As the tool drains your sanity, the ghost is most likely to trigger a ghost hunt leaving you in a particularly vulnerable state.
  • The Ouija Board will drain your sanity as long are you’re holding it. You don’t need to be using it for it take effect. Always have Sanity Pills at the ready and don’t hold it unless you really need to use it.
  • If you already know where the ghost is haunting, the Ouija Board is no longer needed.
Tips on how to use the Demonologist Ouija Board

That’s how to use the Demonologist Ouija Board. We hope this helped you grow into being a better paranormal investigator.