Demonologist PS5: Is the game coming to the platform?

Can you play Demonologist on PS5?

Demonologist is becoming more popular as of late, leading to players wanting to play it on the PS5. Although it’s only exclusive to the PC at the moment, the potential for the game to come to PlayStation owners would be amazing news. Let’s talk about the possibility of Demonologist coming to the PS5.

Is Demonologist Coming to PS5?

No, Demonologist is not coming to PS5 nor has Clock Wizard Games announced any plans to do so. It’s most likely that the game will be staying on PC for a long time.

Looking at the developers portfolio of past games, they’ve never made a game that released on consoles. All of their games are of the horror genre that are exclusive to PC. So chances of them releasing Demonologist for the PS5 are slim.

It’s a shame though because consoles are lacking on games like these at the moment. Even Phasmophobia that’s been around for years now is still exclusive to Steam. It’s hard to imagine that Demonologist will take the incentive to release on the PS5 first.

Demonologist PS5

For now the only way to enjoy the game is on the PC. It doesn’t seem like Demonologist PS5 is going to be coming any time soon. It’s a shame because there’s no other game quite like it that you can play on consoles.

At the moment, Demonologist is also only exclusive to Steam. Other digital storefronts don’t offer the game so where you can get it is also pretty limited. Though others online have mentioned that it runs great on Steam Deck even though the developers have not confirmed official support for it. So it’s at least portable if you have one.

That’s everything about Demonologist coming to PS5. We hope this article was informative. For more features, news, and guide, feel free to check out our other Demonologist articles.