Demonologist vs Phasmophobia – Details & Comparison

Let's compare Demonologist with Phasmophobia.

Being the new kid on the block, you have people comparing Demonologist vs Phasmophobia to see which one they think is better. There are plenty of ghost investigation type games that have become popular by following their own formula, but after some time with Demonologist and Phasmophobia, we can see that these two games are very similar to each other. So who do you think would have the better game when we put the two against each other?

Demonologist vs Phasmophobia

Compared to Phasmophobia, Demonologist is much newer, even though both games are still in early access. Phasmophobia has the advantage of having more ghost types, maps, and quality of life updates thanks to its longevity. However, Demonologist shows quite a bit of potential due to its better graphics, secret rooms, and actual exorcism, which set it apart.

Here are the two games compared side-by-side:




Ghost Types



Investigation Tools



Character Customization

Hairstyle, Outfits, and Sex

Character Models Only





Up to 4

Up to 4


Does not offer VR Support

Offers Full VR Support

Storage Space

14 GB

21.3 GB

As you can see from the table, when it comes to quantity, Phasmophobia comes out on top. It has more investigation tools/equipment and has more maps. However, Demonologist do have the same number of ghost types, which have different behaviors and leave behind different evidence compared to the ones from Phasmophobia.

What sets Demonologist apart from Phasmophobia is its mechanic for exorcising ghosts. Unlike Demonologist, Phasmophobia ends once you’ve finished identifying the ghost type. However, Demonologist allows you to take it a step further by letting you exorcise ghosts, which will depend on what map you’re playing on. For example, finding all the fingers after completing all preceding objectives in the Abandoned House lets you burn them, which exorcises the ghost for good.

Demonologist vs Phasmophobia side-by-side comparison

Demonologist also has secret rooms to find, which make it more interesting. By saying the right words in the right place, you could open up an area that wasn’t there before. In contrast, the Phasmophobia maps can be quite stale once you’re familiar with them.

Safehouses are also more interesting in Demonologist as they let you better customize your character’s hairstyle and clothing, and you can even purchase a pet that will wait in the Safehouse for you. Because of this, there’s a lot more to do with the money you earn than just purchase tools.

Is Demonologist better than Phasmophobia?

We can’t say that Demonologist is better than Phasmophobia. At least not yet. Phasmophobia has more maps, Cursed Possessions, and offers VR support, which gives it an edge over Demonologist.

It’s possible that future updates will make Demonologist better than Phasmophobia. The two are so similar to each other that people will have some trouble figuring out which game to purchase. At the time of this writing, Phasmophobia is slightly cheaper than Demonologist, which is great if you’re buying it for your friends.

Demonologist does feel like the scarier game, mostly due to how unpredictable it is. The ghosts’ designs are scarier, and the better graphics grant a more menacing atmosphere. Just looking at the Demonologist photos on Steam can be unsettling. So when it comes to the scarier game, we’d recommend Demonologist.

Is Demonologist better than Phasmophobia?

We hope this explained the differences between Demonologist vs Phasmophobia. Both games have their strengths, but you’ll have to decide which one you prefer to play with your friends.