Demonologist Safe Houses

Your Demonologist Safe House is where you can purchase tools to help you investigate ghosts, invite your friends over before a match, and decorate a bit if you want to. It gives an added reason to gain money in the game, as unlocking new safe houses will cost you. In this guide, we’ll show you all the safe houses in Demonologist, along with all the secrets they keep.

All Demonologist Safe Houses

Here are all the available safe houses in Demonologist:

  • Old House: An old worn down house with small space that’s clearly been lived in but is comfy. There is something hiding in the bathtub.
  • Pub: A bar that’s perfect for your friends to hang out in. You can even order beer and get the piano to play.
  • Lighthouse: A scary two story home next to a cemetery and a pier where you’ll have a wonderful view of sinking ships.

Demonologist is still in early access, and more safe houses will be added in future updates. Right now there aren’t that many, but you can expect more to be added soon.

In order to unlock the Demonologist safe houses for use, you need to purchase them. With the exception of the Old House which is your starter safe house and comes for free. You can use the Real Estate menu on the TV on the right side to be able to purchase new safe houses.

Lighthouse ships sinking - Demonologist Safe Houses

There are a few things you can do in the Demonologist safe houses. Although it doesn’t have the interactable minigames like the basketball court in Phasmophobia, there are a lot of really cool Easter eggs in the safe houses you can see for yourself in Demonologist. One of the Easter eggs you can see is in the bathtub in the Old House that has a jumpscare waiting for you.

The longer you stay in your safe house in Demonologist, the fatter your cat will also get. It’s a pretty cool detail that tells you how long you’ve been there.

How to Customize Safe House in Demonologist?

Safe houses can be customized by buying items for them on the right side of the TV. Simply go to the Customize Safe House option, where you can purchase decorations for your safe house to impress friends when you bring them over.

Different safe houses offer different decorations for sale. For example, the customizable safe house items in Pub can’t be used in the Old House even if you have bought them.

Here are all the decorations you can buy for your safe house right now:

Old House - Demonologist Safe Houses

Old House

  • Radio
  • Cat
  • Couch
  • Dining Table w/ Chairs
  • Refridgerator
  • Soccer Ball
Pub - Demonologist Safe Houses


  • Radio
  • Cat
  • Customizable Flag
  • Venice Mask Statue
  • Wolf & Girl Statue
  • Red Hood Statue
  • Soccer Ball
Lighthouse - Demonologist Safe Houses


  • Radio
  • Cat
  • Soccer Ball
  • Bird Painting
  • Dining Table
  • Fish Painting
  • Fridge
  • Kitchen
  • Violin
  • Work Set

The items you can purchase from your Demonologist safe house can be placed and removed at any time by going to the Customize Safe House option on the TV to the right of the lobby. Although you can’t really decide where exactly you want to place these items.

Those are the Demonologist Safe Houses. We hope this guide helped you decide where you want to stay. If you want more on the safe houses, you can check out this Youtube video from Thorlar Thorlarian who gives you a tour.

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