Demonologist: All Tools and How to Use Them

A complete guide on how to use each tool in Demonologist.

Demonologist All Tools and How to Use Them

The tools you use in Demonologist can seem familiar if you’ve already played similar games such as Phasmophobia. However, they function a little differently here than in other games. Here’s a guide that shows you all the tools in Demonologist and how they work.

All Tools in Demonologist

Here are the 16 Demonologist tools you can use and their purpose:

  • Candle: Provides a source of light and helps reduce sanity reduction.
  • Crucifix: Protects you from hostile ghosts.
  • Easel Canvas: Lets ghosts draw on the tool.
  • Ecto Glass: Spot any ectoplasm left behind by ghosts.
  • EMF: Shows any electromagnetic waves acting up.
  • ESG: Raises paranormal activity in the area and displays the ghost’s location.
  • Flashlight: Shines a light in front of you.
  • Ouija Board: Lets you ask basic questions to the ghost but will drain sanity upon being picked up even when not in use.
  • Photo Camera: Take photos of the surrounding area or of ghosts.
  • Salt Gun: Can only be found in the Hospital map and doesn’t seem to have any utility.
  • Sanity Pills: Restores sanity back.
  • Spirit Box: Lets you ask questions to the ghost.
  • Tarot Card: Draw a card for a random effect to happen.
  • Thermometer: Displays the room’s temperature.
  • Tripod Camera: Can be mounted on a location to monitor it from a remote location.
  • UV Light: Shows any fingerprints on the environment from ghosts.

In order to bring any of the tools listed above, you have to purchase them from your safehouse, with the exception of the salt gun, which can only be found at the entrance to the hospital. These tools are essential to figuring out what type of ghost you’re dealing with, as ghosts can only interact with specific tools and display behaviors that only the Demonologist tools can spot.

The tools in Demonologist will also help save your life. The ghost is more likely to be hostile the lower you are on sanity, which makes candles and sanity pills critical tools to bring. You also won’t get anywhere unless you bring investigative tools such as the thermometer and UV light.

All Tools in Demonologist and How to Use Them

Those are all the Demonologist tools given to use by developers Clock Wizard Games for now. The game is still in early access, so we definitely have more tools to look forward to in the coming updates.

In the mean time, this Youtube guide from Magoruku gives you an in-depth view of each item in Demonologist.