Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Returns for The Final Shape DLC

Bungie reveals the return of an iconic character, Cayde-6, a mysterious location, and a huge portal for The Final Shape DLC.

Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Returns for The Final Shape DLC

Cayde-6 will return in what appears to be the final expansion of Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness Saga, titled “The Final Shape“. Bungie has released a teaser trailer featuring Ikora speaking to Cayde-6, whom we thought died during the introductory story segment of Forsaken.

In addition, Nathan Fillion’s return as the original voice actor for Cayde 6 was confirmed by Bungie, who shared his thoughts on the character’s return in Destiny 2: The Final Shape:

“Oh Buddy I’m not gonna lie; I’ve missed you. A lot of other people have missed you too. It’ll be real nice to have you back.”

The trailer for The Final Shape is built around a conversation between Ikora and Cayde-6. Since his death in Forsaken, Ikora has been telling him how much everyone there has missed him. Along the lines, Cayde-6 tells Icora that “Im here now” and “Wherever the hell here is”.

The witness’s destination at the end of Lightfall looks to be the location indicated by the trailer, provided that it is the same place the portal near the traveler leads to. We have only seen a teaser so far, so it’s hard to say much more than that, but the full reveal is scheduled for August 22, 2023.

It could be possible that the location shown in the trailer is the original garden where the Gardener and Winnower played their game in some of the lore entries, and if so, how is Cade alive? We also don’t know a whole lot about the portal itself, despite its purple appearance.

We’re free to speculate that the Witness seeks The Final Shape by either altering or ending the cosmos. It’s also possible that when Cayde-6 died, he wasn’t really dead but rather taken back to the Garden, the place where all life was first created. At this point, there are clearly some connections going on since we now know that the forces of light and darkness are related to both the mental and physical sides of things.