Destiny 2 Explosive Personality God Roll & How to Get It (2023)

Shine bright like an Explosive Personality

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The Explosive Personality is a solar wave-frame grenade launcher. It is an easy-to-use Grenade Launcher hailing from the same set as the equally impressive Recurrent Impact Machine Gun, Under Your Skin Combat Bow, Sweet Sorrow Auto Rifle, Thoughtless Sniper Rifle, and the Piece of Mind Pulse Rifle.

How to get the Explosive Personality in Destiny 2?

The legendary grenade launcher can be found on the second page of the War Table interface in the Wing of the Risen of the H.E.L.M. But it will not be unlocked for focusing until you acquire a random roll for the first time in the Psiops Battlegrounds Arena.

Where to find Psiops Battlegrounds

The seasonal activity can be found by opening the Destinations menu and selecting the H.E.L.M. As of Season 19, the activity can be found in the upper right part of the screen.

Warning: this activity will be sunset at the start of season 20.

Can you craft the Explosive Personality GL?

Yes, the Explosive Personality can be crafted after extracting enough patterns from red border Explosive Personalities. The neat thing is, you don’t need full Attunement Progress to get the pattern. You’ll just be getting 100 Resonant Elements instead of the usual 300 along with the weapon pattern.

Explosive Personality Umbral Focusing Cost

You can focus the weapon from the War Table at the cost of:

  • 1 Umbral Engram
  • 50 Legendary Shards
  • 9 Risen Umbral Energy

You can also purchase a random weapon umbral engram with the hope of it having a red border Explosive Personality at the cost of:

  • 1 Umbral Engram
  • 10 Legendary Shards
  • 1 Risen Umbral Energy

Explosive Personality Weapon Stats

  • Blast Radius: 100
  • Velocity: 72
  • Stability: 23
  • Handling: 68
  • Reload Speed: 68
  • Aim Assistance: 67
  • Airborne Effectiveness: 1
  • Zoom: 13
  • Round Per Minute: 72
  • Magazine: 1
  • Archetype: Wave Frame – One-shot handheld Grenade Launcher. Projectiles release a wave of energy when they contact the ground.
  • Origin Trait: Land Tank – Final blows with this weapon grant increased Resilience and additional damage resistance from combatants.

Explosive Personality God Roll

For this particular archetype, you don’t have to put much effort into barrel and magazine perks. All you need is:

  • Quick Launch for the Launcher Barrel
  • High-Velocity Rounds for the Magazine

Realistically, there are two god rolls for the Explosive Personality.

Stats For All + One For All

This combination allows you to get stacking stat bumps after hitting three separate targets in quick succession. This is easily doable with a wave frame as the AoE covers a long stretch of area.

This roll is perfect for players who want to stay on their GL and lob nades for extended periods of time.

Auto-Loading Holster + Disruption Break

For this one, Disruption Break destroys the shield of anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast wave. As a secondary effect, Disruption Break leaves the target vulnerable to primary weapons fire. Auto-Loading Holster reloads the weapon roughly 5 seconds after stowing it away.

This god roll is a popular pick in PvP where fights are decisive and energy ammo is scarce.

Explosive Personality Synergies

With the Auto-Loading Holster + Disruption Break roll, any primary weapon can work with this setup. However, it is particularly effective with weapons that do a good job at mopping up stragglers at close range – SMGs and sidearms.

You can use auto rifles and scouts too but getting the finishing blow from long-range is hard to pull off. That’ll require you to be in the perfect position to clean up on the offset chance someone peeks the corner. In reality, most players will hide the moment they start taking damage from a corner. So, not impossible. But very hard.

In PvE, however, you can use whatever primary you want since mobs get stunned the moment the blast wave hits them. If they manage to survive the initial blast, that is.

Check out this video from Youtuber Aztecross where he revitalizes a classic SMG Exotic with the help of Explosive Personality.

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