Destiny 2 How to Gild Flamekeeper Title Quickly (Solstice 2023)

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Gilding titles is a way of showing off one’s mastery of the game to others. It involves going above and beyond what’s already required to attain a seal. As we’ve previously stated, the Flamekeeper seal isn’t too hard to obtain. The same applies to the act of gilding the title. But don’t be mistaken, you’ll have to go through a multistep quest or two to finalize the gilding process.

What is gilding a title in Destiny 2?

Gilding is akin to Prestige in other games. According to Destiny 2, Gilding titles demonstrate unprecedented skill and achievement. In the case of seasonal events like Solstice, the Flamekeeper title resets and a new set of challenges need to be overcome to obtain it again. If completed over multiple events, a number will show up at the edge of the Title showing everyone that this Guardian has Gilded their title more than once.

Flamekeeper Title Gilding Challenges 2023

There are only 5 additional challenges to tackle if you want to gild your Flamekeeper Title. You don’t need to obtain the Flamekeeper title beforehand to start the process. You can make progress in both at the same time.

Flamekeeper: Complete Event Challenges during Solstice. Progress resets at the end of the event.

  • This challenge is just asking you to do all 18 challenges and get the Flamekeeper title first. In fact, we don’t think you can confirm the completion of this challenge until you have the Flamekeeper title.

From the Ashes: Upgrade multiple pieces of Sunlit armor.

  • To complete this challenge, you need to fully upgrade all pieces of Sunlit armor. This involves doing event challenges and collecting Kindling. There are 3 upgrades per piece of armor. Their upgrade progress is tracked through the following event quests:
    • Celebrating Solstice
    • A Guardian in Shining Armor
    • Rekindle the Spark
    • A Glowing Solstice

Bonfire Dash: Fully stoke the bonfire in the Bonfire Bash activity.

  • For this challenge, you’ll need to throw the maximum amount of ignition orbs at the bonfire at the center of the activity. That amounts to 30 orbs thrown. This will force the final boss encounter early and will result in the best loot possible for the activity.

Sunlight ‘Em Up: While wearing a set of fully rekindled Sunlit armor, complete dungeons, raids, Master, or Grandmaster Nightfalls, or win rounds in Trials of Osiris.

  • This challenge is more of a pick-your-own-poison kind of thing. PvP players will have no issue making progress in Trials of Osiris. PvE teams can take on raids and grandmaster Nightfalls. Solo players can take solace in the fact that they too can get this challenge done by doing the easier Dungeons such as the Pit of Heresy or the Shattered Throne. Oh, to ensure that the challenge doesn’t break, we advise wearing the armor throughout the whole activity.

Inextinguishable: Complete the Bonfire Bash activity without dying.

  • This can be the easiest challenge in the gilding process. All you need to do is survive right to the end of the activity. You can have better chances of completing this if your enemies are the Fallen since there’s no chance of a Kabal drop pod landing on top of your head. Just play it safe and you’ll get this one on your first go.

And that’s everything we’ve got for this Flamekeeper Title gilding guide 2023. Enjoy the rest of Solstice. Please be reminded that you have nearly two weeks to grind for that perfect set of event armor and god rolls for the weapons. Good luck and have fun out there, Guardians.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is out now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. The season will run from May 23, 2023, to August 22, 2023.