Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus boss fight guide: Legendary Campaign

How to beat Calus boss fight in Destiny 2 Legendary Lightfall Campaign

Destiny 2 Calus cover

Calus, The Disciple is Lightfall’s final boss in Destiny 2. Now chosen as The Witness’ newest disciple, Calus regains his power and becomes more ferocious than ever. He has command over his Psion army as well as The Witness’ Tormentors, which makes this final fight quite deadly.

Read ahead as we go through the Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus boss fight and share some tips and tricks on how to clear it.

How to unlock the Calus Boss Fight

To fight Calus, you will need to progress through Lightfall’s campaign and reach the ninth mission called Desperate Measures. This mission mainly focuses on engaging against Calus himself.

Preparing for the Calus Boss Fight

Before heading to the Calus boss fight, it’s best to have 1750 power and up; the higher, the better. Any ranged weapon will do, but it is recommended to go for the Osteo Striga as it will help you clear ads more effectively, and the ads such as the Tormentors are as deadly as Calus himself, maybe even more. Also, bring along a good fusion rifle which will help you dispatch the shielded enemies faster.

Running Strand isn’t a must, but doing so will help you take advantage of the Tangles in the arena for maneuverability, especially since the second phase boils essentially down to a chase within a small arena.

Destiny 2 Calus Boss Fight Walkthrough

Calus’ boss fight happens in two stages. The fight happens in the facility underneath The Veil, and it has a main circular platform in the middle surrounded by long and short platforms in its perimeter. In the first phase, you’re free (and encouraged) to go on the surrounding platforms; the short platforms are where the ads spawn while the long platforms can provide cover. There are also Tangles spread in the area for you to grapple on to with Strand, but all platforms can still be accessed by jumping or by hovering.

Phase 1: Calus Boss Fight

The first phase starts off with meeting Calus in the middle of the main platform. You can take advantage of the first few seconds when he prepares his weapon and unleash your super during this time to take a huge chunk off of his health on the get go. Then, make your way to the platforms or rafters for some cover.

Calus will be fighting in range for the entire first phase, so it’s best to take cover up in the rafters. Although the rafters are relatively safe, enemies that can fly can still reach you from below, and some attacks, such as the Tormentor’s, can still go through the cover, hit you, and possibly knock you off. With this said, it’s best to still move around the platforms and kill the ads along the way to refill your ammo.

As for Calus himself, he will have an overshield that can be best dealt with by using your chosen fusion rifle. This overshield will regenerate if Calus doesn’t take damage for long enough, so make sure to keep your DPS up. If you have good amounts of heavy ammo with you, it can get tempting to unload them at Calus at this point, but it’s best to save them in the second phase where they matter the most.

After reaching certain thresholds on Calus’ health, he will summon Tormentors that can also deal ranged damage. These Tormentors are dangerous when left to stay throughout the entire first phase, so try to dispatch them whenever you can.

Once Calus’ entire health is gone, the second phase begins.

Phase 2: Calus Boss Fight

In the second phase, Calus transforms the arena and encapsulates it with a barrier with the help of The Veil. This barrier cuts you off from accessing the outer platforms and leaves you in close proximity to Calus. However, there’s still a gap on the edge of the platform and falling into this gap will instantly knock you out. Dying in this phase will have you repeat the entire fight from the first phase.

Calus will also switch to being a melee attacker who wields his two sword. He has the ability to jump closer to you as he swings his blades down. He also becomes mobile and can run fast enough to catch up to you if you even stop moving for just a second. His attacks can deal massive damage, not to mention that he is relentless and doesn’t leave much window for a counter attack.

The next dangerous part of this fight are the Tormentors, which is why it’s best to take care of them even before going into the second phase. Same as before, Calus can still summon more Tormentors upon reaching his HP thresholds. These Tormentors’ attacks not only can add more damage to deal with, but they also have the ability to knock you off into the pit. More Psion ads will also spawn in, but treat them as ammo crates to replenish your ammo stock.

At this point, you should unleash all of your heavy ammo and super on Calus to finish this fight as quickly as you can. By continuously moving and stopping only once you get some good distance away from Calus and you get a window from any remaining Tormentors’ attacks, then you can take the time to maintain your DPS with your primary, but only up until Calus gets within his melee range once again. You can also take advantage of the Tangles to quickly grapple your way out and put some distance between you and Calus.

Same as before, Calus will keep his overshield, so make sure to break this shield first before unloading all your heavy shots. Once all of his health is gone, Calus will finally die and get entangled in a root-y mess. Then you can simply watch the following cutscene which completes the entire campaign of Lightfall.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus Boss Easy Cheese Strategy

For those who do not mind using cheesy strats for boss fights, there are a few strategies that you can take advantage of to easily defeat Calus in Legendary difficulty.

For this particular strat to work, you will still need to at least get past the first phase of the fight. Once Calus is preparing The Veil for the barrier, make sure that you are still standing at the outer platforms outside the reach of the barrier.

Once the barrier is up, you will see the joining allies prompt and countdown on the screen since you are considered as outside of the intended arena. Before the timer runs out, quickly jump towards the barrier and make it all the way up to the top by jumping and running. Your shots will still be able to go through the barrier so you can still deal damage to Calus without worrying about getting hit by any of his attacks.

Check out this video by Sickdistic showing how to defeat Calus, The Disciple in Destiny 2: