Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall Mission Walkthrough

How to complete the Downfall mission in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Downfall cover

Downfall is the third mission of the Lightfall Campaign in Destiny 2. More of Calus’ Cabal army has reached Neomuna after one of the fleet’s ships crashed into the city. The Guardian and the allied forces must then do whatever is necessary to stop the invasion and prevent Calus from getting to The Veil.

Read ahead as we go through the events of Downfall and provide tips on how to complete the mission quickly.

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Downfall Objectives:

  • Infiltrate the Fortress Ship
  • Sabotage Shadow Legion Vehicles
  • Defeat the Tormentor
  • Infiltrate the Fortress Ship
  • Clear the Apotheca
  • Infiltrate the Fortress Ship
  • Destroy the Radial Mast
  • Clear the Colosseum
  • Find a Way Out
  • Escape!

The recommended power for this mission is 1650. Head over to the marked location in Striders’ Gate to initiate the mission.

Infiltrate the Fortress Ship - Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall mission Objective

Infiltrate the Fortress Ship

Follow the quest marker and ride down to the crashed Cabal ship. As you approach the crash site, you will be confronted by the Shadow Legion. Defeat all of them, then grab the loot from the chest by the barrier.

Shoot the shard on top of the chest to bring down the barrier, then head inside the ship. From this point onwards, simply follow the marker through the different sections of the ship. There will be an increasing number of enemies the deeper you go, so best be prepared to confront them.

After defeating a large wave of enemies, you’ll find yourself in a ravine-like hall. Jump and hover all the way across to the other end, then make your way to the hall to the right to proceed. You will then arrive at a chamber with a huge Calus statue and a bunch more enemies. Go to the door on the right side of the chamber once all the enemies have been defeated, then shoot both shards on each side of the door to open it.

Ride the grav lift then proceed to the next hall where you’ll find the connecting path to be a ledge high above the hall to the left. You’ll then see a door up ahead; shoot all three shards on the side to open the door. Immediately after, you’ll find a spot where you can plant a rally banner for the next encounter ahead.

Sabotage Shadow Legion Vehicles - Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall mission Objective

Sabotage Shadow Legion Vehicles

In this encounter, you will have to sabotage the vehicles by grabbing a dark resonance from one side of the room and carrying it over to the other side of the room where it can be deposited, all while being surrounded by enemies. You will have to defeat a couple of enemies and stand on the circle first to make the dark resonance appear, and once it does, immediately carry it over to the other side.

Once you have placed the dark resonance and defeated more enemies, the boss Tormentor will appear.

Defeat the Tormentor - Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall mission Objective

Defeat the Tormentor

This boss is just similar to the previous Tormentor that you have faced before. Use the pillars in the room for cover, and once you have the opening, use all of your heavy ammo and your super to quickly dispatch the boss. Grab the chest by the door, shoot the four shards to open the door, then proceed to the next section.

Infiltrate the Fortress Ship - Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall mission Objective

Infiltrate the Fortress Ship

For the next section, you’ll need to do a bit of parkouring as you jump from platform to platform above a ravine. Once you reach the end of the path, you will find another grav lift that you can take.

Clear the Apotheca - Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall mission Objective

Clear the Apotheca

You will come across a huge chamber with a large drapery in the middle. Go around that drapery to find shards that you should shoot to open the next door. There will be enemies waiting behind the door, so prepare to be attacked.

Clear out all the enemies then shoot the shards around the next door. This path will lead you to the next grav lift.

Infiltrate the Fortress Ship

Continue moving through the cloning chamber and the next halls and you will find another huge arena with a spot to place a rally banner on.

Destroy the Radial Mast - Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall mission Objective

Destroy the Radial Mast

To destroy the Radial Mast, you will need to deliver two dark resonances on the monoliths. Eliminate the first wave of enemies, stand on the circle and wait for the dark resonance to appear. Then, grab the dark resonance and deliver it to the marked monolith. Immediately find the other circle on the opposite side of the room and then repeat the process.

Clear the Colosseum - Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall mission Objective

Clear the Colosseum

You will then have to defeat the remaining enemies plus the enemy Champion that spawns in.

Once it’s done, Strand sources will appear around the area. Get the Strand Empowered effect by interacting with these sources and then defeat all remaining enemies using your Strand abilities.

You will eventually lost the effect and gain the Exhausted effect instead, and just as another boss appears.

Find a Way Out

Do not engage with the boss as it is immune to all damage. Instead, make a beeline to the marked area in the arena and stand in the circle. You will start getting the Pervading Darkness effect, but disregard it for now and wait for Caiatl to come to your rescue and break the shield up ahead.

Escape! - Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign Downfall mission Objective


Now with increasing stacks of pervading darkness, you will only have less than two minutes to escape the ship. Head over to the exit and immediately ride your sparrow. You then have to run through the course while evading all the obstacles and enemies along the way. You will eventually reach the exit, get escorted out by Caiatl’s forces, and complete the mission.

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