Destiny 2 Maintenance and Downtime Schedule Details

Here's when you should log out, the length of the time to wait for downtime, and when you can play again.

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Bungie has recently shared the details for the Destiny 2 maintenance and downtime for today, April 19, 2022.

It has been another week in Season 16 for Destiny 2 players and another maintenance will be happening today to make sure servers are in top condition. There will be a short downtime during this time so that Bungie can update the game to version 4.0.1.

Here are the schedules for the Destiny 2 maintenance and downtime for today:

The maintenance schedule will start on 9 AM PDT and is expected to conclude by 11 AM PDT. According to Bungie Support Page, by 9 AM PDT/ 1600 UTC, the maintenance will start, which will make sign-on and game integration features to be unavailable at that time. This will be in effect on webs, mobile, 3rd-party apps, and the Bungie Store. Players will have 30 minutes time to sign out properly before the next stage of the maintenance will begin.

By 9:30 AM PDT/ 1630 UTC, the game will be offline for the maintenance. Players who were late in signing off will be forced to do so and will not be able to log back again until 10 AM PDT. Players are advised to wait for a while, which should be just 30 minutes or even less.

By 10 AM PDT/ 1700 UTC, update 4.0.1 will be implemented and available for all platforms and regions. Players can now join back in the game by logging. In. Sign-in for the Bungie website, 3rd party apps, and Bungie Store will be enabled again. While they can log in, they will be placed on queue for a bit and might even experience some problems during signing in as the final stages of the maintenance is still happening.

Finally, at 11 AM PDT/ 1800 UTC, Destiny 2 maintenance and downtime is expected to conclude. If no issues are encountered, players can now continue playing.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.