Destiny 2: Neomuna Region Chests Guide

This is where you can find all the chests on Neomuna

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This is our Destiny 2: Lightfall Neomuna region chests guide, and this article will specifically point out where all nine region chests on Neomuna are located. The chests themselves offer a way of getting to know the ins and outs of the map while handing out some glimmer… and the occasional weapon.

The region chests are usually tucked away in secluded places on the map. Fortunately, it is possible to track their approximate location on the world map. Then, it’s only a matter of figuring out where they actually are. As to why they are worth finding, they needed to complete a couple of quests for progression. Also, they count towards Neptune’s bounty triumph.

All Neomuna Region Chests Locations

You may find all nine of Neomuna’s chests in Zephyr Concourse, Ahimsa Park, and Liming Harbor.

Zephyr Concourse Regional Chests

Zephyr Concourse Regional Chest 1

Chest #1: This chest is located in the Northern part of the Zephyr Concourse. Specifically, when you get to the location on the map, go to the rooftop and you’ll find the chest.

Zephyr Concourse Regional Chest 2

Chest #2: This chest is located on the West side of Zephyr Concourse. You can see it behind unbreakable glass. To get to it, you’ll to go a floor below and look for the gym equipment display. The glass there is broken. Enter the display and crawl through the vents and you’ll end up in the display where the regional chest is.

Zephyr Concourse Regional Chest 3

Chest #3: The third and final chest is located in the Southeast part of Zephyr Concourse. First, go to the rooftop lounge. Then, look for the building with a huge pink neon front. Look down and you’ll see the chest on the balcony. Jump on the shade and you should be able to get it.

Ahimsa Park Regional Chests

Ahimsa Park Regional Chest 1

Chest #4: This chest is located in the Northwest part of Ahimsa Park. To get to this one, Go around the edge facing Calus’s ship and look for the strap swaying in the wind. It’s a marker for a drop-down area. The chest itself is located in the cave once you go down.

Ahimsa Park Regional Chest 2

Chest #5: The next chest is located close by. It is located in a gap created by the crashing ship. Look at the cracked earth at the nose of the ship. At the tip of the ship, you’ll find a small hole where you can drop into. The chest is located inside, beside the lantern.

Ahimsa Park Regional Chest 3

Chest #6: The last chest in the area is located in the Southern part of the map. To get to this one, you need to walk on the ledge of the building. Make a 90-degree jump and walk the overhang until you reach the chest on the far side. If you have Strand, you can make it easier for yourself.

Liming Harbor Regional Chests

Liming Harbor Regional Chest 1

Chest #7: The first chest you can find in the Liming Harbor is located inside the docked ship. It is located in the pipes above the belly of the ship. Upon entering the ship, go to the center and work your way up the catwalks. The chest is on top of the main pipe.

Liming Harbor Regional Chest 2

Chest #8: This chest is located on the North of Liming Harbor. It is rather easy to find, actually. Just look for the twin fans and should find the chest right behind them. Don’t worry about timing too much. The fans aren’t moving fast enough to kill you right away. But never say never.

Liming Harbor Regional Chest 3

Chest #9: The final chest is located on the building West of the map. From the Liming Harbor Landing Zone, head West, through the boat, and look for overhangs on the side of the building. Jump to the second or third one and then jump on the overhangs on the side of the building perpendicular to your location. Keep heading up until you reach the long overhang and the chest should be right there. Strand can make traversal easier.

And that’s all the regional chests in Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Neomuna map. Hope this helps you out on your quests, Guardian.

Also, check out this video from Youtuber HarryNinetyFour showing the locations of all the chests on Neomuna.

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