Destiny 2 Season 17 Ritual Weapon Revealed

A sneak peek of the new Ritual Weapon that can be obtained in Season 17.

Bungie has recently revealed the new Ritual Weapon for Destiny 2 when Season 17 arrives.

According to the developer, when Season 17 arrives, there will be new rewards to collect. While they did not spoil story details that will be coming with the new season, they did share a little preview of what players can gain as rewards. One of those is the new Ritual Weapon called Chain of Command.

There are many other ritual weapons that can be redeemed when ranking up, but the Heavy Machine Gun, Chain of Command was the one that got the spotlight. No other details were shared like stats and other specifics, but Bungie did say this reward will come with a unique ornament that will depend on the vendor.

  • Crucible 
    • Mandated Artillery Ornament 
  • Gambit 
    • Insubordination Ornament
  • Vanguard 
    • Standard Regulation Ornament

There are also new Playlist weapons that will be introduced. These are:

  • Crucible 
    • Riptide Fusion Rifle 
  • Gambit 
    • Dead Weight Shotgun 
  • Vanguard 
    • Strident Whistle Bow

For Nightfall drops (includes both standard and adept versions)  

  • Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle 
  • D.F.A. Hand Cannon 

And finally, Trials of Osiris:  

  • Forgiveness Sidearm  
  • Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle 
    • The Messenger Pulse Rifle and Shayura’s Wrath will be leaving the Season 17 pool. 

Destiny 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Season  17 starts on May 24, 2022.