Destiny 2: Season of Plunder Week 1 Challenges Guide

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Destiny 2: Season of Plunder Week 1 Challenges Guide

A new season for Destiny 2 means new challenges and ventures await players who will be part of this dark event. In this season of Destiny 2, players are expected to loot around the different maps that have been unlocked by them and with that said and done, these challenges will expect them to be earnest in what they are doing. Each week, Destiny 2 will be listing weekly challenges and expect players to do them for a chance to earn huge rewards when completing all the challenges.

For Week 1 of the Season of Plunder, the challenges are the following:

Successful ExpeditionObtain Plundered Umbral energy from bonus chests in Expedition.
Antiquarian IReturn the first relic to HELM. Defeat combatants on Europa. Defeating combatants with a Fusion Rifle will award bonus progress.
Fire DisciplineComplete Ketchcrash activities and activate cannons aboard the deck of your Ketch.
Shaper IShape three unique seasonal weapons.
Europa ActivitiesOn Europa, earn progress by completing Bounties, Lost Sectors, Patrols, and Public Events.
Taking All ChallengesComplete weekly playlist challenges.
Long-Range CalibrationCalibrate long-range weapons--pulse rifles, bows, and trace rifles--on Europa. Bonus progress in Lost Sectors.
Dredgin’ Up VictoryComplete Gambit matches. Earn bonus progress for wins.
Flourish of PowerDefeat Guardians in the Mayhem playlist with Super abilities.
The Fallen FallDefeat Fallen combatants in Vanguard playlists or strikes. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants.

What Are Seasonal Challenges?

These are challenges that can be accessed from the Quest Tab in the main menu where a list of the task is given. These tasks when completed will be one step closer to fulfilling this season’s reward.

For this Season’s reward for completing the seasonal challenge, large Bright Dust rewards will be given which can be used in the Eververse Store to buy skins, armors, emotes, and more.

Destiny is currently free to play on all major consoles. Players can play the game for free on PC via Steam or in Epic Games Store now. Those who download the game on the EPIC game store will receive the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack. This pack will include the following:

  • New Grasp of Avarice Dungeon in the Cosmodrome
  • Exotic Gjallarhorn and Catalyst
  • Hero of Ages Sword
  • Legendary Destiny 1 Weapons
  • Thorn-Themed Armor
  • Exotic Gjallarwing Sparrow
  • Marathon-Themed Armor
  • Streetware-Inspired Armor
  • And More!

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