Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Status and Downtime

When will the Destiny 2 servers go online again? Details of hotfix revealed.

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Are the servers of Destiny 2 currently down right now?

Destiny 2 servers are not under maintenance according to the official Twitter account of Bungie Help, as of November 2, 2022, at 3 PM PDT as it has only begun all-day backend maintenance after the launch of hotfix for Destiny 2 Season 18 patch. The previous hotfix was released a few weeks ago but it brought along a few flaws, which need to be fixed as soon as possible.

November 2, 2022, backend maintenance has now begun. Hotfix maintenance has already ended.

Players are informed that they will be removed from activities when server maintenance starts and won’t be able to log back in until 10 AM PDT.

Also as a reminder, during the server maintenance the Destiny 2 Vendors, Item Perks and Mods, and Subclass Options will be unavailable on web, mobile, and third-party apps.

Some players have recently complained that while the Destiny 2 backend server maintenance has started, they could not log into the game for some reason. This is contrary to what the help website says, which states there is no downtime expected for this type of maintenance.

Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Status

In order to check on the status of Destiny 2’s server maintenance, players will only need to check the official Twitter account of Bungie Help. It has an updated feed of information related to the status of the game’s server maintenance and downtime.

Since Bungie is Destiny 2’s developer, it will not be a surprise that it has tons of servers scattered all over the world.

As of writing, the maintenance has now begun.

For those who want to know detailed information about server maintenance and downtime, check the official website of Bungie and go to the Help Support page. It will offer exact information on what happens during the start, ongoing, and end of the maintenance and downtime of the game’s servers.

When Will Destiny 2 Servers Go Online Again?

Destiny 2’s anticipated downtime for November 1, 2022, Hotfix is expected to end by 11 AM PDT. At this time, we are unable to determine whether this is a patch that is applied on the server side or the client side; nevertheless, we will keep our readers updated. In the event that the maintenance window shifts in any way, we will make sure to update this post accordingly.

Destiny 2 servers should be up by November 1, 2022, at 11 AM PDT. This article will be updated as soon as servers go online again.

Update on Destiny 2 server maintenance (November 1, 2022) as of 11 AM PDT:

Regarding Destiny 2 Downtime and Future Updates

Maintenance and downtimes for Destiny 2 are usually due to major content updates to the game and the frequent ones are usually just small hotfixes that either change or remove content.

Bungie does not do weekly maintenance for the game so expect announcements way ahead of the schedule to let players know before the downtime.

Destiny 2 November 1, 2022, Hotfix Patch Notes



  • Fixed an issue where dungeon solo flawless Triumphs had the incorrect description.
    • Now clarifies that players need to do it in a single activity session (Note: This has always been the behavior for all flawless related Triumphs, but it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in these Triumph until now) 



  • Fixed an issue where Lord of Wolves was increasing ability damage in addition to its own. 
  • Fixed an issue where the extra 20% bonus to aim assist fall off was not removed from Rangefinder. 


  • Fixed an issue where Angel’s Gleam and Flower Child shaders had incorrect sources listed in Collections. 

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