Destiny 2 Silver Prices Set to Increase in Season 21

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In the most recent May 4th, 2023 TWAB, Bungie announced an increase in Destiny 2 Silver Prices for their Season Pass offerings. Bungie’s reasoning for this increase is that their teams continue to invest in crafting compelling Seasonal experiences for the year of Lightfall and that warranted a small increase in the standalone Season Pass price next season.

Destiny 2 Silver Prices for Season 21 season pass

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This is what players can expect starting next season:

  • Season Pass: 1,000 Silver -> 1,200 Silver
  • Season Pass + 10 Ranks Bundle: 2,000 Silver -> 2,200 Silver

Bungie has also stated that they will be evaluating new approaches to post-launch content in the year of the Final Shape. We do not know for certain what those changes may be but there is a possibility that Destiny 2 might be shifting away from its current monetary business model.

In terms of direct pricing, the Destiny 2 Season Pass is going up by $2 for each individual season going forward. If bought individually per season, those $2 are going to stack up. This makes the annual pass look better by comparison.

What about other Destiny 2 offerings?

In regards to the other paid forms of content, the company said that pricing will remain unchanged for offerings such as the Lightfall Standard Edition (which includes access to the current live Season at the time of purchase) and Lightfall + Annual Pass Edition (which includes access to Seasons 20-23).

Undoubtedly, many players will have mixed feelings about this news. It’s been a while since Destiny 2 has moved the needle and many players today started playing the game after it became a Free-to-Play game. This is going to be quite a shock for them.

There are some players questioning the timing of this decision when the current live game is subject to a myriad of technical issues and broken quest steps. This is reinforced by the fact that maintenance times seem to be getting longer year after year. Players have also noticed that Trials of Osiris seems to be getting more unpredictable, especially for this season.

Whatever the case may be, let’s hope that the increase in asking price does translate to more content and stability in the coming season and in the year of The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 Season 21 starts later this month on May 23rd, 2023.

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