Destiny 2 Solstice 2022 is Here

Bungie has announced the return of Destiny 2 Solstice 2022 event.

Destiny 2 Solstice 2022 Starts

This returning free event will offer the Guardians a chance to get the new rewards, armor, and a Legendary Stasis Hand Cannon, which should be perfect for them. Eva Levante is now throwing a party like no other and just in time for the summer. The Guardians will now take part in the festivities starting from July 19, 2022 until August 9, 2022.

Free Solstice Armor

Players who will join the event will get the set of redesigned Solstice armor automatically. They also have the chance to get the new Legendary Stasis Hand Canon. They can also join in the new Bonfire Bash activity that lets them fend off waves of enemies to upgrade their armor with that eye-catching glow.

New summer-themed cosmetics will be available as well. They can pick up a new Event Card to earn free rewards with an upgrade option that will unlock more Solstice cosmetics.

Earn Stuffs

Earn the new Seal in Solstice, complete the Event Challenges to earn the new title Flamekeper, and get the chance to buy the corresponding collectible medallion pin.

destiny 2 solstice 2022

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release