Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris Hits Peak Population

Looks like the changes went over very well with the community

Trials of Osiris is the endgame PvP activity in Destiny 2. It requires players to win 7 straight matches without a single loss to get few of the best weapons in the game. Trials of Osiris in Destiny is a sensitive topic. It was often cited to be the most inaccessible and unrewarding playlist while being infested by cheaters and recovery services in Destiny 2.

In order to address these problems Bungie have revamped the game mode from the ground up in the Season of the Lost to be more accessible to players through the inclusion of solo matchmaking along with trying to tackle aspects which made Trails inaccessible such as cheaters, account recoveries and win trading.

After all these changes, Trials of Osiris is now one of the most rewarding playlists in the game, where people will not have not worry about losing on their mind and just grinding the gamemode out for loot. While making the feat of going Flawless more accessible. This resulted in the best Trials of Osiris weekend ever seen in Destiny 2. Here are few stats that Bungie have reveled about the first weekend in their weekly TWAB.

  • 750k players played Trials – more players that there have ever been since the early days of Destiny 2. Not only that, 120k of those were first-time-ever players, and another 470k hadn’t played recently.
  • 237k players went flawless, with 105K players going flawless for the first time ever.
  • An average of 30% of active players played Trials each day this weekend, topping out at over 32% on Saturday. No day prior had ever gone above 21%. 
  • Over 2.8M hours of Trials were played this weekend, eclipsing the highest prior single week total by a whopping 600K hours.

Changing a game mode from one of the least rewarding and discouraging to one of the most played activities is a great achievement for Bungie. But they have identified some issues from the feedback provided by players and are making a few changes to the game mode for Week 2.

  • Enabling of a flawless matchmaking pool so that players who are starting out do not run into teams who have already gone flawless. However, this will not be turned on until Friday afternoon to make sure that enough people go flawless by then.
  • Quitting mid game will carry more penalties with a 30-minute timeout. If you quit out of too many games, there will be harsher punishments for you, the one who continues to abandon their fireteam.
  • Next week, there will be the first Trials Labs with Capture Zone Trials and they will be disabling special ammo replenishment on revive.

All this shows that Bungie is willing to make swift and positive changes to PvP which is refreshing after the prolonged silence on the matter up until the game director addressed it directly. Hopeful, this is the precedent set for what to expect for the future of PvP in Destiny 2.