Destiny 2 Virtual Fighter Title Guide

How to complete the Lightfall Triumphs and get the Virtual Fighter title in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Virtual Fighter Title cover

The Virtual Fighter title is a special title for completing the Lightfall Triumphs in Destiny 2. It reflects the cyber futuristic setting of Neomuna and is also a good title to show off and let others know that you have already conquered the latest expansion.

Read ahead as we go through all the triumphs needed to acquire the Virtual Fighter title in Destiny 2.

All Lightfall Triumps for the Virtual Fighter title

There are a total of nine Triumphs to achieve under Lightfall and each one pertains to objectives that can be done under this expansion. To view all the Triumphs and your progress, head over to the Journey menu, then select Titles. Finally, check the Lightfall Triumphs page to see all the Triumphs and their respective progresses.

These are all the Lightfall Triumphs and their objectives:

  • Neomuni Souvenirs

Trophies from Neomuna, Neptune. Complete all of the armor and weapons from the Neomuna loot pool. This can be done by raising Nimbus’ vendor rank. You can check your progress on this triumph by heading to the Collections page and selecting the Neomuni Souvernirs badge. You only need to complete the entire collection for a single class to get the triumph.

  • Restored and Remembered

Restore all the damaged memorials in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna. After completing the main campaign of Lightfall, you will get access to the Hall of Heroes. From here, you can take on a quest chain from Quinn Laghari, starting from Stargazer, Maelstrom, Bluejay, and finally Strider. In the final three quests, you’ll be able to restore each of the three memorials in the Hall of Heroes.

  • Master of Survival

Complete any campaign mission on Master difficulty. Simply start a campaign mission and complete it on Master difficulty to obtain this triumph.

  • Terminal Treasures

At the end of the Terminal Overload activity, open Terminal Overload chests. Terminal Overload Key Chests grant additional progress. Make sure to get the keys and spend them to open the bonus chest to complete this triumph faster.

  • They’re Not Dolls

Collect all of the unique action figures in Neomuna and place then where they belong in Striders’ Gate. There are nine action figures to find all throughout Neomuna, but they will be slowly added into the city as the season progresses, so not all of them can be found in the early part of the season.

  • Unfinished Business

Complete the “Unfinished Business” quest from Nimbus in Striders’ Gate in Neomuna. This is a straightforward triumph as you will only need to complete the entire quest line.

  • Overclocked

Complete a Partition activity within 7 minutes. Although this activity is tied to a quest, getting this triumph in particular will still be a challenge, so best to work on your gear first to raise your level and get a better chance on a quicker clear.

  • Honorary Cloud Strider

Claim all rank rewards from Nimbus. Raise your rank with Nimbus by taking on the bounties that he offers and you will be able to get all the rewards.

  • The Final Strand

Complete the “Final Strand” quest from the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna. To unlock this quest, you will need to unlock all of the Strand subclass upgrades, such as all the Aspect, Fragment, and Grenade upgrades on a single character. Then, simply complete the entire quest line to get this triumph.

Check out this video by StrawDesertHD showing how to complete the Lightfall Triumphs and get the Virtual Fighter title in Destiny 2:

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