Destiny 2 Weekly Reset January 03 2023 – First Iron Banner of the Year, Weekly Activities, Eververse Store Updates, More

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset January 03 2023 Featured Image

This is your Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for January 03 2023. Happy New Year, Guardians! It’s the first week of 2023 and immediately after the Dawning, we have the first Iron Banner of 2023. Lord Saladin has returned and he’s bringing the Cabal into the mix. We are close to Lightfall but it seems like Destiny 2 doesn’t isn’t slowing down just yet.

Aside from that, we’re going to have access to the second set of upgrades for the Revision Zero pulse rifle. That gun’s totally not going to dominate PvP anytime soon. (In a totally sarcastic tone.) There’s still the matter of what lies behind the door of Seraph Station. We should have everything we need to up it now that we have access to the mod that allows us to slip through laser traps.

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Week 4 Story Recap

The cat is finally out of the bag. Everything we’ve suspected has been confirmed by Rasputin. Clovis Bray never wanted to help for the sake of humanity, he wanted to secure his legacy.

Ana Bray found a lead to the missing piece we needed to awaken the Warmind. Long story, short Ana wants us to recover Lord Felwinter’s ghost, Felspring, and it should have everything we need to restore Rasputin. Almost immediately after the Warmind finally awakened, and through an eye-opening cutscene, we find out Clovis’ true intent in helping the Guardians.

The confrontation with Clovis was swift and emotionally driven. Ana forcibly removed him from the equation and the Exo body in favor of Rasputin. Clovis Bray has returned to being the wild card in all this. Moreover, we don’t know what he’s capable of now that he’s out of the loop. He must have known that we were going to find out sooner or later.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time

As always, the Destiny 2 weekly reset times are 10 AM PDT for the folks on the West Coast of the US. 6 AM BST for our readers in Britain. And 2 AM JST the following day for everyone in Japan.

Destiny 2 Weekly Activities January 03 – January 09 2023 Overview

This latest iteration of Iron Banner is called Fortress. This new mode is a modified version of Control wherein the longer a point is held, defenses start building up. Though not the first game mode to feature PvP and PvE content, we haven’t seen something this defensive since teams played completely safe during Rift matches.


For the weekly challenges of Iron Banner, you’ll acquire Pinnacle Gear and an Iron Banner Rank Boost if you complete a certain number of Iron Banner matches as either Stasis or Void subclasses.

This week also sees a bonus to Vanguard ranks in all strikes and Nightfall missions. This might be a time to make a push to get the Veles-X pulse rifle and its Vanguard color scheme.

Where is Xur? January 06 2023

It’s that time of the week again when everyone in the Destiny 2 community asks the question – Where is Xur?

This weekend Xur can be found hanging around his favorite branch overlooking the Watcher’s Grave on Nessus. Once you’re planet-side, head North along the cliff face, and once you start seeing the roots, go up to reach Xur.

And what’s our favorite agent of the Nine selling this week? Let’s see.

Exotic Gear: (23 Legendary Shards each)

  • Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Rocket Launcher (29 Legendary Shards)
  • The Dragon’s Shadow Hunter Exotic Chest Armor
  • Ursa Furiosa Titan Exotic Gauntlets
  • Eye of Another World Warlock Exotic Helmet

Legendary Weapons: (50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer each)

  • Whispering Slab Combat Bow
  • Imperial Needle Combat Bow
  • Brass Attacks Sidearm
  • Deafening Whisper Grenade Launcher
  • Punching Out Sidearm
  • Shattered Cipher Machine Gun
  • The Third Axiom Pulse Rifle

Legendary Armor: (50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer each)

  • Gensyn Knight Grips
  • Gensyn Knight Cuirass
  • Gensym Knight Cloak Legendary Hunter Cloak
  • Gensym Knight Casque (63 Overall, +26 intellect roll)
  • Gensym Knight Strides
  • Gensym Knight Gloves
  • Gensym Knight Robes
  • Gensym Knight Bond Legendary Warlock Bond
  • Gensym Knight Hood
  • Gensym Knight Boots (62 Overall, +20 intellect roll)
  • Gensym Knight Gauntlets
  • Gensym Knight Plate
  • Gensym Knight Mark Legendary Titan Mark
  • Gensym Knight Helm (59 Overall, +24 intellect roll)
  • Gensym Knight Greaves (58 Overall, +21 intellect roll)

Destiny 2 Weekly Challenges January 03 2023

More Than a Weapon V – Complete Week 5 of “More Than a Weapon.” Defeat Hive and Taken combatants anywhere in the system.

Heist Battlegrounds IV – In the Heist Battlegrounds playlist, complete Heists and defeat Champions.

Quick Heists – Complete a Heist Battleground in under 12 minutes.

Umbral Focusing II – Focus Season of the Seraph weapon or engrams at the Exo Frame in the H.E.L.M.

Timeless Iteration – Acquire Veles-X

Iron Sharpens Iron – Complete Iron Banner matches. Earn bonus progress for wins

Fell and Fallen – Defeat Fallen and Hive bosses in strikes or Vanguard playlists

Destiny 2 Nightfall This Week January 03 – January 09 2023

The first Nightfall for 2023 is going to be The Glassway Nightfall on Europa. Our Guardians are tasked to stop a Vex incursion of Europa before they establish a beachhead in the system.

Nightfall weapon this week

Note: We do not have the rotation for the Nightfall weapons yet. We will update this article once we have that information.

Destiny 2 Crucible Featured Game Mode January 03 2022

For this week, Lord Shaxx brings back the 6 player free-for-all that everyone either loves or hates, Rumble. No fire teams, just 6 Guardians in a chaotic brawl to see who can secure the most amount of kills.

Also, keep in mind that with the return of Iron Banner for this week, we won’t be having Trials of Osiris this weekend. It’s all Iron Banner until next week.

Destiny 2 Featured Raid and Dungeon January 03 – January 09 2022

This week’s featured Raid content is going to be Vow of the Disciple. The Guardians must venture into the bowels of a downed pyramid ship and eliminate Rhulk, a disciple of The Witness, once and for all.

And then for this week’s featured Dungeon, we have Duality. One of the more challenging dungeons to do solo, this one sees our fire team delve deep into the mind of the former emperor as we search for secrets.

As usual, completing these featured content will reward you with pinnacle gear.

Vow of the Disciple Raid Challenges

Swift Destruction – Done during the Acquisition encounter, it asks the players to kill all Champions at the same time (within a few seconds from each other), on all rounds.

Base Information – Done during the Caretaker encounter, it requires the players to only pick up one(1) stack of Knowledge (Glyph) per run.

Defenses Down – Done during the Upended encounter, each player can’t kill more than one Taken Knight in total.

Looping Catalyst – Done during the Rhulk encounter, do not lose Leeching Force before the damage phase.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Challenge This Week January 03 2023

This week’s King’s Fall Challenge this week is going to be Grass is Always Greener. This challenge takes place early on in the Totem encounter. It tasks the raid team to not get the same brands twice in a row. It’s a simple matter of communication between the runners and that should be enough to complete the challenge.

If you accomplish this, you and your raid team will be rewarded with an additional raid chest that contains Hallowed loot and some high-stat armor. And if you’ve been keeping track, necessary to Gild that King’s Slayer Seal.

Destiny 2 Lost Sector Today January 03 – January 09 2023

  • January 03 2023 – Perdition (Europa) – Exotic Chest Armor
    • Champions: Barrier, Overload
    • Burn: Arc
    • Shields: Arc, Void
  • January 04 2023 – Sepulcher (Savathun’s Throne World) – Exotic Helmets
    • Champions: Barrier, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Solar
    • Shields: Arc, Solar
  • January 05 2023 – Extraction (Savathun’s Throne World) – Exotic Leg Armor
    • Champions: Overload, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Arc
    • Shields: Arc, Void
  • January 06 2023 – Chamber of Starlight (Dreaming City) – Exotic Gauntlets
    • Champions: Overload, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Solar
    • Shields: Solar, Void
  • January 07 2023 – Aphelion’s Rest (Dreaming City) – Exotic Chest Armor
    • Champions: Overload, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Stasis
    • Shields: Void
  • January 08 2023 – K1 Logistics (The Moon) – Exotic Helmets
    • Champions: Barrier, Overload
    • Burn: Void
    • Shields: Arc, Solar
  • January 09 2023 – K1 Crew Quarters (The Moon) – Exotic Leg Armor
    • Champions: Barrier, Overload
    • Burn: Arc
    • Shields: Solar

Featured Potential rewards:

  • Exotic Boots
    • Hunter: Star-Eater Scales, Radiant Dance Machines
    • Titan: The Path of Burning Steps
    • Warlock: Rain of Fire, Secant Filaments, Boots of the Assembler
  • Exotic Gauntlets
    • Hunter: Caliban’s Hand, Renewal Grasps, Athrys’s Embrace
    • Titan: Point-Contact Cannon Brace, Second Chance, Icefall Mantle, No Backup Plans
    • Warlock: Necrotic Grip, Nothing Manacles, Osmiomancy Gloves
  • Exotic Chest Pieces
    • Hunter: Gryfalcon’s Hauberk, Omnioculus
    • Titan: Hoarfrost-Z, Cuirass of the Falling Star
    • Warlock: Mantle of Battle Harmony
  • Exotic Helmets
    • Hunter: Blight Ranger, Mask of Barkris
    • Titan: Loreley Splendor Helm, Precious Scars
    • Warlock: Fall Sunstar, Dawn Chorus

Do note that though they may be the featured Exotics, there is a chance you can still obtain other Exotics that are not in your collection. The featured set just means you have a higher chance of getting them, but it is never guaranteed.

Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity Rewards January 03 – January 09 2023

From the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack activity, Dares of Eternity this week features returning weapons with updated power relevancies. This also includes the sought-after red border weapons that you can craft yourself.

Featured faction armor sets from Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt and Forsaken:

  • Scatternhorn Armor Set
  • Wild Hunt Armor Set

Featured weapons from the Season of the Hunt and Worthy:

  • Arsenic Bite-4B Combat Bow
  • Blast Battue Heavy Grenade Launcher
  • Corsair’s Wrath Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Deafening Whisper Grenade Launcher
  • Dire Promise Hand Cannon
  • Enigma’s Draw Sidearm
  • Escape Velocity Submachinegun
  • Jian 7 Rifle Pulse Rifle
  • Royal Chase Scout Rifle
  • True Prophecy Hand Cannon
  • Friction Fire Submachinegun

Destiny 2 Eververse This Week January 03 – January 09 2023

Now that we’ve sorted through this week’s activities, let’s head over to Tess and see what she has on offer in exchange for Bright Dust.

The Eververse Store for this week has:

  • Spill the Tea Exotic Emote – 3250 Bright Dust
  • Bad Scene Exotic Emote – 3250 Bright Dust
  • Ctenophore Shell Exotic Ghost Shell – 2850 Bright Dust
  • Keeping Score Legendary Emote – 700 Bright Dust
  • Signal Intercept Legendary Transmat Effect – 450 Bright Dust
  • Empirical Imperative Legendary Shader – 300 Bright Dust
  • Wartorn Peregrine Exotic Vehicle – 2500 Bright Dust
  • Simulation Shell Exotic Ghost Shell – 2850 Bright Dust
  • Thumbs-down Projection Legendary Ghost Projection – 1500 Bright Dust

Featured Armor Ornaments

  • Gilded Memento Exotic (Assassin’s Cowl) Hunter Ornament – 1500 Bright Dust
  • Nouveau Parapet Exotic (Citan’s Ramparts) Titan Ornament – 1500 Bright Dust
  • Alternate Conduction Exotic (Geomag Stabilizers) Warlock Ornament – 1500 Bright Dust

Featured Weapon Ornament

  • Felsic Pyroclasm Exotic (Prometheus Lens) Weapon Ornament – 1250 Bright Dust

Destiny 2 is out now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and on PC (via Steam). Season 17, 18, and 19 season passes are available for purchase on all available platforms in exchange for 1,000 Silver or $9.99.

Check out this video from Youtuber xHoundishx where he talks about the upcoming week’s activities for the fifth week of Destiny 2 Season 19.