All Destiny 2 Security Drone Locations: Season of the Seraph

These are all the locations of security drones that you can destroy using the Revision Zero pulse rifle

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These are all the Destiny 2 Security Drone locations that you can find during the Season of the Seraph. Most are hidden in plain but some others are tucked away in the most unlikely of places.

In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll tell you where you need to go in order to find and destroy all the Security Drones across the system. Destroying all the drones will unlock the Archangel’s Refit Exotic Vehicle and will contribute to unlocking your Seraph Seal.

What are Security Drones in Destiny 2?

Security drones are mysterious floating orbs that serve an unknown function. They are immune to all kinds of attacks save from the bullets of the Revision Zero Pulse Rifle.

They are connected to an equally mysterious door on Seraph Station. It is said that if you destroy all the drones then the door will open and its secrets made known.

How Many Security Drones are there in Destiny 2?

There are 50 drones throughout the system to find and destroy. There are 20 on both Europa and the Moon. 18 within the Heist Battlegrounds of Europa, the Moon, and Mars. The last 12 are scattered across the exotic quest, Operation: Seraph’s Shield.

Drone Destruction I Triumph (Europa)

  • Security Drone 1 – 10

Drone Destruction II Triumph (Heist Battleground: Europa)

  • Security Drone 11 – 16

Drone Destruction III Triumph (The Moon)

  • Security Drone 17 – 26

Drone Destruction IV Triumph (Heist Battleground: The Moon)

  • Security Drone 27 – 32

Drone Destruction V Triumph (Heist Battleground: Mars)

  • Security Drone 33 – 38

Drone Destruction VI Triumph (Operation: Seraph’s Shield)

  • Security Drone 39 – 50

Drones Destroyed Triumph

Destroy all security drones with Revision Zero across the system.

  • Reward: Archangel’s Refit Exotic Vehicle

List of Destiny 2 Security Drone Locations

You don’t have to do anything special here. If you see a yellow security drone, shoot it with the Revision Zero Pulse Rifle and that will count toward your Triumph progression.


There are 10 Security Drone locations you need to go to on Europa.

Beyond Drone Location

Security Drone 1: On top of the archway entrance to the Pyramid Ship West of the Beyond Landing Zone.

Security Drone 3 location

Asterion Abyss Drone Locations

Security Drone 2: Inside a hollow underneath the ice directly North of the Concealed Void Lost Sector.

Security Drone 3: Sitting on a ledge West of the Vex structure. You’ll need to look towards higher elevations to find this one.

Security Drone 4: Concealed Void Lost Sector – Beneath the floor of the Vex construct where the second encounter takes place. Directly in front of the hanging platform. Visible the moment you drop down into the chamber.

Security Drone 6 location

Cadmus Ridge Drone Locations

Security Drone 5: From the Charon’s Crossing Landing Zone, this drone can be seen nestled beside the Vex Structure. The structure is visible the moment you enter Cadmus Ridge from the South.

Security Drone 6: In the same location, head West and stop at the entrance of Bray Exoscience. It is located behind the destroyed wall right next to the lab’s entrance.

Security Drone 10: Perdition Lost Sector – the drone is in the corner where the chest is at the end of the lost sector.

Security Drone 9 location

Eventide Ruins Drone Locations

Security Drone 7: Bunker E15 Lost Sector – Located behind the security glass inside the bunker. Accessible after opening the side door that traps the Braytech Security Frames during the second encounter. You’ll need to go to the upper floor corner of the room to get to it.

Security Drone 8: In the same building that houses Bunker E15, drop down from the Eventide Ruins Landing Zone and then turn around to enter through the doorway. The drone is located directly above you to the back of the upper left corner of the area above the entrance. You may need to jump onto the platform to reach the higher floors.

Security Drone 9: From the Eventide Landing zone, head North until you see a destroyed building that contains some Fallen equipment. You’ll find the drone sitting on a machine in front of some ether tanks.

Security Drone 15 location

Heist Battlegrounds: Europa

Security Drone 11: 1st encounter – the drone is located beneath the back of the platform with the orange glowing tower. Be wary of the security towers.

Security Drone 12: 2nd encounter – The moment you enter the labs, turn left and look above. The drone is located in a room overlooking the lab left of the entrance. The upper part is exposed just enough that you can shoot it from the lab floor.

Security Drone 13: Past the 2nd encounter – this drone is located behind some boxes in the hallway leading to Creation. If you turn and left proceed down the corridor, then you’ve missed it.

Security Drone 14: 3rd encounter – In the middle of the creation room, there is an office covered by the orange pillar from where you enter the room. Jump above the glass to have line of sight.

Security Drone 15: Just before jumping down to Eternity, you can faintly see the drone behind the Hive totem left of the platform. Just advance to the edge of the platform where the broken glass is and you should be able to see it from above.

Security Drone 16: Inside the chamber with the giant Exo head, the drone can be found at the corner of the room looking over the chasm. If you go down where the submind is, you’ll have missed it.

The Moon

There are 10 Security Drone locations you need to go to on the Moon.

Sorrow’s Harbor Drone Location

Security Drone 18 location

Security Drone 17: Easily accessible from the Sorrow’s Harbor landing zone, the drone can be found sitting at the edge of a cliff directly Southeast of the map.

Security Drone 18: In the same area, this drone is located a distance away in the direction of the Scarlet Keep. Just keep heading North past the game and when you see the entrance to the Pit of Heresy, look up and see it in front of the keep.

Security Drone 19: K1 Revelation – After the 1st encounter and before jumping onto the hanging platform, this drone can be seen and shot on a platform behind the cargo net. Just look left before platforming. If you keep the Shrieker and moved on, you’ll have missed it.

Security Drone 21 location

Hellmouth Drone Locations

Security Drone 20: This drone can be found on the edge of a cliff North of the Hellmouth. If you’re coming in from the South, you should be able to see it to the right of the plate structure.

Security Drone 21: Located Southwest of the Hellmouth, this drone can be found on top of the radio tower in front of the K1 Crew Quarter Lost Sector entrance.

Security Drone 22: K1 Crew Quarters – After the 2nd encounter. The drone can be found on the other side of the gap on the way to the boss encounter.

Security Drone 23 location

Archer’s Line Drone Location

Security Drone 23: This drone can be found on top of the building that contains the K1 Logistics Lost Sector.

Security Drone 24: K1 Logistics – At the end of the Lost Sector on top of a building next to the arena where the boss is fought.

Security Drone 25 location

Anchor of Light Drone Locations

Security Drone 25: This security drone can be seen on top of the building with the radio tower in the Northwest part of Anchor of Light.

Security Drone 26: This drone can be found on the deck of the crashed ketch Southeast of the Anchor of Light.

Security Drone 32 location

Heist Battleground: The Moon

Security Drone 27: This drone is found at the opening of the Heist Battleground. It is sitting on top of a ridge next to a tank overlooking the Hive amplifier.

Security Drone 28: Found on the way to the 2nd encounter, this drone can be found on a ledge midway down the shaft of the inner bunker. It’s hard to see from up top. Though you may want to shoot at it before going down.

Security Drone 29: This drone is found in a right-hand side corridor after going down the shaft. If you go left to where the objective is, then you have missed it.

Security Drone 30: Found in a side room before the encounter at the chamber where a locked door protects the submind vault, this drone is hiding behind some old computers. If you start the encounter and your ghost does its thing, then you’ve gone too far.

Security Drone 31: This drone is floating above the chamber where you’ll have to hold out as your Ghost opens the door that leads to the submind and the final encounter. Look for the line of bright lights.

Security Drone 32: The final drone for the mission is located at the vault’s entrance. Upon entering the area, look right and you’ll see the drone underneath one of the supports holding the submind chamber. If you go as far as the laser is, then you missed it.

Security Drone 37 location

Heist Battleground: Mars

Security Drone 33: This drone is found near the dam wall between Escalation Nodes B and C. It is tucked behind a small wall but you’ll be able to see it once you go far enough from Node B. If you get lost follow the dam wall from B.

Security Drone 34: This drone can be found behind some boxes right next to a landing pad near Node A. You might need to walk away from A to get a clear shot.

Security Drone 35: This drone can be found inside the Clovis Bray building. To get a clear view of it, head up to the second-floor observation deck and then turn around and look up. It’s floating right above you.

Security Drone 36: This drone can be found in the platforming segment where you’ll also have to be dodging lasers. Before you ascend the Hive construct to the next platforming segment, you’ll see a set of stairs going down. At the bottom of those stairs is a platform where the drone is.

Security Drone 37: In the same area before going up the Hive construct, go left of it this time. The drone is seen floating directly underneath the bridge. Be careful not to be killed by the security lasers while looking for it.

Security Drone 38: Seen just before going down to the entrance of the submind vault, this drone is floating on top of a roof. Clear the enemies around the door and look back opposite where the vault is, and you should be able to see it instantly.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield – Seraph Station

The final 12 drones are located in different parts of the Station. This also includes the one drone found on Earth before taking the elevator to the Station.

Note: It is currently not possible to get to many of these drones as they are locked behind doors that require a higher security clearance level. We will update this article once we have the necessary information.
Update: As of week 4 of the "More Than a Weapon" seasonal quest, the security clearance ability is available for pick up on the EXO frame, allowing us the ability to open security doors on Seraph Station.
Update: As of the fifth week of the season, we now have access to all the abilities necessary to access the drone locations.

To open the security door, just walk up to the door, and interact with it. You’ll then have to shoot three disks until the full image appears. The disks will be on walls or around pillars near the door. You have 30 seconds to shoot a disk or the cycle restarts.

Security Drone 39: Warmind launch facility during Operation Seraph’s Shield quest. Jump walk off the platform on the right side that’s facing the cliff. There is another platform below where the security door is.

Security Drone 40: Done after the first vent section after getting the Scanner buff again, this cheeky security drone can be found above the doorway leading back to the room that has the first laser trap. Will need the tactical armor to proceed.

Security Drone 41: After the maintenance shaft in Engineering. The door beneath the vent that requires an active Scanner. You’ll need to solve a simple puzzle to open the door.

Security Drone 42: The next security door can be found past the contamination chamber. This is also the first time you’ll be picking up the Operator buff. Dispatch the Fallen and then you’re free to solve the door puzzle.

Security Drone 43: Engineering section – This drone can be found underneath the top floor of the room leading up to the decontamination chamber with the 9 consoles. You can reach it by doing some jumps.

Security Drone 44: This drone can be found in the dark room past the last traps in the server rooms part of Engineering. Using Tactical Armor, just run past the lasers and head to the back. That’s where the drone will be. And don’t forget to open the chest on your way out.

Security Drone 45: This drone can be found in the locked vent after you’ve cleared the Engineering server rooms. The vent is located in the final room that’s guarded by Fallen and Arc turrets. If you go forward to where you need to be “captured” then you’ve missed it.

Security Drone 46: Located in the atrium in the Engineering Sector left of the door you first came in, the door can be accessed before or after dealing with the Hive boss and setting yourself up to be captured.

Security Drone 47: This drone is found in the hangar of the Logistics Sector. The room it’s located in is found on the left side past the laser trap.

Security Drone 48: This drone can be found behind the security door in the room just before the boss encounter in the room of the Operations Sector.

Security Drone 49: The security door on the right side of the room where you have to upload the virus after the final encounter, is where you’ll find drone #49.

Security Drone 50: The final security drone can be found in the Warsat Control Nexus. It’s on the left side of the room where you need to upload the virus, past the laser trap.

Tagging all 50 drones will unlock the locked door on Seraph Station and progress your Seraph title. You’ll obtain the Archangel’s Refit exotic vehicle upon checking off the task on your tracker.

And that’s all the security drone locations in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph. Happy hunting, Guardians.

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