Destiny 2 New Guardian Saint-14 Notice Players Wearing Same Helmet

Destiny 2 Saint-14

Players of online multiplayer Destiny 2 has recently noticed something interesting after long-lost guardian Saint-14 appeared up in the tower.

Destiny 2 Saint-14 gimmick

When players turn up in the tower with the same helmet of Saint-14, he would take notice of that player and have a unique dialogue. He will notice that player wearing the same helmet specifically humoring it and then suggest pranking Zavala with it, which is the stoic and famously humorless command of the Vanguard.

This was a very clever and cute interaction with the NPC, but this actually almost did not come to be. Technical dialogue designer Kareem Shuman explained that narrative designer Nikko Stevens first came up with the line, after which it was recorded, imported and then processed. But with the required rewords, it was supposed to be cut and then Shuman got involved.

Shuman decided to try extra hard to make it work since he thought it was a cool idea. He asked for help from his friends and senior designer Brenton Woodrow assisted him in the endeavor. It turned out great it seems and many players appreciated this little quip.

The full game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PC Gamer