Diablo 4 Classes Tier List

Diablo 4 Classes ranked. Which class is the best in Diablo 4?

After playing both the Early Access and Open beta, we got an idea of where the Diablo 4 classes tier list should be. We played around with each of the classes to test out their strengths and weaknesses, and found that some classes excel more than others. In a dog eat demon world of Diablo 4, some classes are ultimately going to be more powerful and useful than others.

Here is our Diablo 4 classes tier list arranged from the weakest to the strongest class:

Druid - Diablo 4 Classes Tier List


The Druid is kind of lack lackluster class in Diablo 4. It’s kind of stuck in between being a mage and a physical damage dealer not to mention that some of its noteworthy skills are kind of locked behind transformations so it’s hard to create a hybrid.

Despite its werewolf and werebear shapeshifting, the Druid doesn’t really pack much of a punch especially noteworthy early game where I was having trouble just having enough Spirit to use my skills. With the right Druid build, its magical abilities aren’t bad but it pales in comparison to the Sorcerer.

Rogue - Diablo 4 Classes Tier List


The Rogue is my favorite class to main in Diablo 4. Despite this I did find some skills to be a bit lackluster compared to other classes. It’s still a reliable class for DPS but it’s a bit squishy and kind of relies too heavily on positioning.

With the right Rogue build, you can really set up some satisfying skill combos. This is a bit of challenging class to play as it requires you to constantly be moving around a lot. But it’s ability to have a skill for almost any situation isn’t something to be underestimated.

Barbarian - Diablo 4 Classes Tier List


The Barbarian is the toughest class for those looking to tank. It has everything you could want in a physical damage dealer and more. As you gain Fury with basic skills, you can deal so much damage to crowds that make any fight seem easy so long as you know how to make the right Barbarian build.

It’s a pretty easy class to main thanks to its straightforward abilities. The Barbarian also has access to multiple weapons that are associated with its skills. This class has you relentless damaging foes nonstop.

Sorcerer - Diablo 4 Classes Tier List


The Sorcerer is a powerful AoE damage dealer right from the start of the game. We couldn’t remember being challenged too much with the Sorcerer class. It made almost every fight outside of a boss battle a rather easy one.

In a game with a lot of hostile crowds, the Sorcerer comes equipped with powerful skills that allow them to thin out any herd that blocks their path. As long as you know how to make a Sorcerer build, you can come off most fights with almost no scratch on you.

Necromancer - Diablo 4 Classes Tier List


The Necromancer class is the best class in Diablo 4. It’s flexible and comes with a variety of useful, deadly, and almost overpowering skills. If that isn’t enough, it even comes with the Raise Skeleton skill for free which basically turns you into a one man party.

The best part about the Necromancer compared to the other Diablo 4 classes is how flexible you can make the Necromancer build. There’s an endless amount of deadly combinations to choose from that are all equally valid. When it comes to damage dealing and crowd debuffing, the Necromancer is second to none.

That’s our Diablo 4 classes tier list. We understand that you may have different opinions, consider this your mileage may vary. There’s no such thing as a bad class to play in Diablo 4 in our opinion so long as you’re having fun. With the Diablo 4 release date still at June 6, we may change our minds once the full game comes out.