Diablo Immortal Monstrous Essence – How to Get and Use

A guide on how to gather Monstrous Essences in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Monstrous Essence cover

Monstrous Essence is an item drop in Diablo Immortal which is an essential item to complete the Bestiary. This particular item can be easily obtained just from any other monster in the open world, however there are some other details that players will have to take into account to ensure that these Diablo Immortal Monstrous Essence are being farmed efficiently.

How to Get Monstrous Essence in Diablo Immortal

Before Monstrous Essences can drop from monsters, you will first have to complete the Horadric Bestiary Quest line once you arrive at Dark Wood. It’s part of the main quest line so you won’t miss it. After completing the quest line, you will have access to the Bestiary and an NPC named Akara will tell you that Monstrous Essences will start dropping from monsters.

Monstrous Essences can be dropped by any monsters that you have dealt damage on in the open world. You can only hold 10 Monstrous Essences at a time, after which no more of them will drop from fallen monsters. You will have to deposit them at a Bestiary first before you can continue obtaining more.

These Monstrous Essences have a not-so-low drop rate and you can get 10 of them in around 15 to 20 minutes of slaying monsters.

How to use the Diablo Immortal Monstrous Essence

Once you have gathered 10 Monstrous Essences, head to a Bestiary which can usually be found at camps or at Westmarch. Interact with the Bestiary to turn all of them in and you will be rewarded with a bunch of stuff.

Every day, your first three turn-ins will uncover a page in the Bestiary, which means you’ll have to gather a total of 30 Monstrous Essences. After all three page uncovering attempts have been spent for the day, you can continue farming for more Monstrous Essences and you can still get rewards for turning them in at the Bestiary, but you’ll no longer be able to uncover more pages for the day until reset.

The Bestiary.

Diablo Immortal Monstrous Essence Turn-In Rewards

These are the rewards for turning in Monstrous Essences:

  • Uncover chance and Bestiary XP (max 3/day)
  • 40 Battle Points (max 3/day)
  • Gold
  • ~200k Character Experience
  • Items
    • Quality can be Common, Magic, Rare, or Legendary
Turn-in rewards.

Monstrous Essence Gathering Tips

  • Try to farm at spots where lots of mobs spawn near each other at a fast rate. You can go to the Ashwold Cemetery or Mount Zavain as there are lots of spots that are packed with monsters in those zones.
  • Be aware at how many essences you have at hand. Your quest tracker will show how much you have collected so far, and you can also check in your inventory. Once you collect 10, head to a Bestiary right away and turn them in so that you can continue farming them. It’s easy to lose track of the count especially if you are busy doing bounties.
Does leveling up the Bestiary provide boosts?

At the current version of the game, leveling up the Bestiary does not provide boosts to a character’s stats unlike how it did back in the Closed Beta version. So the Bestiary right now just serves as a collectible system in the game. As to if it would be the case once again, we have yet to get any info, but we’re also crossing our fingers.

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